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  1. Post on Live Chopz in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    Live Chopz
    Live Chopz is an easy and dynamic song section player for live performances
    Are you a touring musician, singer, performing artist ,or choir director; who truly knows & understands the frustration of performing to a fixed backing track?
    Your days of frustration is about to be over. 
    Live Chopz is what you need :
    Not only are you able to Import custom audio tracks; 
    You can easily chop up & label your audio track into sections. Eg.Verse, Chorus,Bridge,etc with pre-defined song section part labels readily available to use. 
    Most importantly you can easily jump from section to section while audio is playing & stay synced to the beat in real time.
    Yes this is perfect for rearranging sections of your music on the fly in a live setting ; no need to worry about performing to fixed backing track arrangements anymore.
    What's more, the designers of LC have identified some human pitfalls commonly occurring in a live situation(while performing to backing tracks) & made provision to address them:
    Eg. In the event a performer mistakenly starts singing a wrong section & is say 3 bars into this section , don't panic just press the catch up button on the correct section and the track automatically continues playing 3 bars into the correct section whilst synced to the beat.
    Eg. In the event a singer veers of arrangement 
    & you are not sure what action to take immediately,just press the Safety button . This immediately starts playing a predefined loop section indefinitely , giving you time to gather your thoughts while keeping the band in sync before catching up later with the singer. 
    As a great music practice tool:
    LC provides tempo change / pitch change capability in real time for learning and perfecting songs. You also are able to easily loop sections indefinitely.
    Link to iTunes:

  2. Kids TV : Music, Shows and more
    Children have loved nursery rhymes for centuries - and now it’s time to bring it to the future.
    The Nursery Rhymes application features beloved song that your little ones will love. We have over 1000 for you to enjoy - and they are now all at your fingertips. No more need to buy expensive CDs, because you have them all for free on this handy application.
    Dozens of nursery rhymes on the go - for free.
    Each song is in the form of a lovable video that everybody can enjoy. Your child can learn and relive all of their favourite nursery rhymes with a fun video. This is the 21st century way for children to experience some of the classics like Jack and Jill, Hot Cross Buns and more in a whole new medium. Nursery Rhymes have never been so modern. There are over 1000 videos to choose from from dozens of great channels. You can find all of the old favourites and modern ones, too. Like a certain channel? Our free application lets you see all of the video by them.
    The intuitive UI is easy to navigate by any child, and you can give them your device with the peace of mind knowing that the app is completely child safe with no in-app purchases and kid-friendly videos only. Children will love browsing through the endless library of fun nursery rhymes that they can learn and sing-along to.
    Experience the best of nursery rhymes - in your pocket.
    - Over 1000 brilliant videos to watch!
    - Great for little kids... and big kids!
    - View videos from a single author by viewing their channel!
    - Easy to use and entertaining!
    Link To ITunes:

  3. ChordIQ: chord quiz
    ChordIQ is a music-based Android mobile game focused around learning guitar and piano chords in a fun and interactive way. It’s a fast-paced competition platform that consists of four internal games:
    Quickly determine what chord is being displayed on-screen and select it from two options. The quicker the selection, the higher you’ll place on the World Chart.
    See a chord displayed onscreen and determine as fast as you can whether it’s major or minor.
    See a Major chord name onscreen and quickly tap it on the keyboard or guitar.
    See a Minor chord onscreen and quickly tap it on the keyboard or guitar.
    All four games contain World Chart so you can track your progress among fellow ChordIQ players from all over the world. Are you the music master? Then download ChordIQ today and prove it!
    Google play:

  4. A cool new app I'm The DJ
    ★★★ Introducing  I'm The DJ ★★★

    Do you want to create your own exclusive and original EDM tracks easily through your phone, Ipad or tablet ? Do you want to start a DJ career or just create music in your free time?
    I´m the DJ is a music app created by a sound-design company based in the Czech Republic called W. A. Production.
    Our goal is to allow people all over the world to create their own original music without having any experience using music production software.
    From the time we were founded in January 2014 our extremely popular products have been known for their superb quality and low price.
    Join our family and start and be the DJ right now.
    - Mix Styles!
    Pick from a big variety of EDM and Urban genres such as: Electro House, Progressive House, Melbourne Bounce, Trap, Future House, Tropical House and more!
    - Play With Parts!
    Pick from a huge palette of perfectly crafted and prepared loops.
    - Share with your friends!
    Upload on SoundCloud and share the track anywhere you want!
    - 100% Royalty Free!!
    Your final tracks can be used in any commercial or non commercial release so you could even start selling your creativity on Beatport or iTunes anything is possible!
    Download the app today and see where your creativity side takes you.
     Link to google play:
    Requires Android:  4.1 and up
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.
  5. Post on iLyrics ® in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    A cool new app iLyrics ®
    ★★★ Introducing  iLyrics ® ★★★

    ILYRICS for iPhone,iPod and iPad.
    - iLyrics is an amazing app that allows you to instantly view the lyrics of the song that you're currently listening to. Not only that. It allows you to view your favorite artist official website or biography.
    - If some music is playing on your device and you would like to view the lyrics of this song, just open iLyrics app and click on Lyrics button and there you go. Do not waste your time searching for artist information manually in your browser. This app does that for you.
    - You can also create a music playlist and navigate throught all songs searching for lyrics and information. Great isn't it?
    This application requires internet connection to work. Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad (universal app).
    Link to iTunes:
    Requirements: iOS 7.0 or Later.
    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.