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  1. Post on Live Chopz in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    Live Chopz
    Live Chopz is an easy and dynamic song section player for live performances
    Are you a touring musician, singer, performing artist ,or choir director; who truly knows & understands the frustration of performing to a fixed backing track?
    Your days of frustration is about to be over. 
    Live Chopz is what you need :
    Not only are you able to Import custom audio tracks; 
    You can easily chop up & label your audio track into sections. Eg.Verse, Chorus,Bridge,etc with pre-defined song section part labels readily available to use. 
    Most importantly you can easily jump from section to section while audio is playing & stay synced to the beat in real time.
    Yes this is perfect for rearranging sections of your music on the fly in a live setting ; no need to worry about performing to fixed backing track arrangements anymore.
    What's more, the designers of LC have identified some human pitfalls commonly occurring in a live situation(while performing to backing tracks) & made provision to address them:
    Eg. In the event a performer mistakenly starts singing a wrong section & is say 3 bars into this section , don't panic just press the catch up button on the correct section and the track automatically continues playing 3 bars into the correct section whilst synced to the beat.
    Eg. In the event a singer veers of arrangement 
    & you are not sure what action to take immediately,just press the Safety button . This immediately starts playing a predefined loop section indefinitely , giving you time to gather your thoughts while keeping the band in sync before catching up later with the singer. 
    As a great music practice tool:
    LC provides tempo change / pitch change capability in real time for learning and perfecting songs. You also are able to easily loop sections indefinitely.
    Link to iTunes: