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  1. Post on IMEI Checker Pro in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    IMEI Checker Pro
    Do you buy phones? Do you know their status before you buy them? 
    With the innovative IMEI checker App you can! 
    With a few simple clicks you can find out all you need to know about a phone and make an informed choice.
    What does this App tell you? 
    Below is a sample of the information provided by the IMEI checker
    Locked or unlocked
    IMEI Number 
    Serial number
    Warranty status
    Purchase date
    Who Sold by
    Initial Carrier
    iCloud status (If not reported stolen)
    Why should you bother to find out these credentials?
    Ensuring that the phone your buying is checked for the important credentials is essential. It saves you time and money.
    If you buy phones regularly then it can make the difference between success and failure in your phone reseller business.
    Whether a phone can be used on any carrier is probably the most important check you can do. If the phone is locked to one carrier then your chances of using / reselling that phone are limited as the same carrier needs to be used. This limits you, or your client if your a reseller, to only airtime plans with that specific carrier, which may not be the most cost effective.
    Link to Download:]