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  1. Post on Humpty Rush in Android Games

    By freethinkern, posted

    Humpty Rush
    The game features Humpty the Egg who jumps up through the moving holes on platforms, avoiding monsters.

    Game mechanic is inspired by arcade classics titles like Forger, Donkey Kong and Jumping Jack.
    Link to Download:

  2. Reckless Driver
    Not your usual runner game!!!
    Drive on the endless road and smash into traffic, traffic lights, dustbins, hydrants, etc. The more damage you cause, the more coins you earn.
    When the going gets tough, use your powers to help you rule the road !!!
    • Loads of fun.
    • Easy to play
    • 8 playable cars
    • 4 powerups (Shield, 2x Damage, SlowMotion, Bomb)
    • Endless road with beautiful graphics
    • 17 different types of traffic cars
    Link to Download:


    World of Super Robot Mario
    World of Super Robot Mario classic fantasy story of the future told on a legendary 2D platform arcade basis. Life in his platformer super world is like a straightforward maze of 80 levels. The super robot brothers are ready for adventures in their world. Use the game console pad controls for the side-controller gameplay to help this pair of super robot bros. They are 3 super robots brothers: the super little blue robot, the super smash blue robot and the super fighter purple robot. To transform from one robot to another one take super metal burgers and super jungle flowers. All is magic on their super world of adventures.
    Our friends are not the most strong, either the fastest, but their abilities, skills and intelligence are waiting you to help them out pass the challenge of their still short existence. Help them achieve the goal and rescue the princess. The whole family is welcome to participate on this task. Kids and children can discover new platform games, adults can remember old retro arcade games of the 80s and 90s. The game is full of fantasy and cute and strange characters and landscapes.
    The main part of story happens on firm soil, whereas other stages pass inside sea water. A serial of four episodes are ready to be discovered:
    - Silver Metal city: The small town has grown up to become a metropolis full of obstacles and enemy forces.
    - Mutant Skin jungle: The platform tree specie dominate the ecosystem creating a dark atmosphere.
    - Golden Skull desert: Nobody has dared to cross this dessert before. New creatures are awaiting you step on their country.
    - Savage Shadows cave: The territory where you can find ghosts and darkness. Open your eyes and specially keep an eye on the flying faces.

    ELink to Download:

  4. Post on Silly Land Adventure in Games

    By freethinkern, posted
    Silly Land Adventure
    Silly Land Adventure is a traditional platformer featuring 30 levels filled with enemies, platforms, coins to collect, teleports, hazards and jumping blocks. The gameplay is similar to classic platformers of the 16-bit era.
    The subscription price for your morning newspaper has been raised, and the only way to cancel the subscription is to visit the newspaper headquarters in person! You must travel on a journey containing 30 fun levels containing platforms, hazards and enemies.
    - Fun and easy to pick up and play
    - 30 levels
    - Simple and easy to master touch controls
    - Smooth and fluent gameplay with high fun-factor 
    Link to iTunes:

  5. Post on Jump Legends [FREE] in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted

    Hi All!

    Let me introduce my new game Air Racer: Sky Traffic.
    Link to download from App Store:

    Welcome Adventurer!

    Explore the mystical and ever-changing landscape of the Great Fall in your quest for treasure and renown.

    Jump Legends is a fast paced, challenging, endless runner with beautiful art and simple tap controls.

    -15 fully animated characters.
    -Beautiful transitional scenes and scenery.
    -Near impossible obstacles to overcome.
    -Simple tap controls.
    -Increasing game speed will challenge even the most experienced jumpers.

    What are you waiting for? Jump to it!

  6. Veggy Smash 3
    Being healthy has never been so fun and addictive! This is a fun match 3 game that teaches you to be healthy and is super-fun to play! Every level provides a healthy tip and the game is motivating you to live a healthy life outside of the game also!
    Rule of the game: Swap two vegetables to make chains of three or more of the same vegetable.
    Match veggies, be healthy, solve puzzles! 
    Multiple gameplay modes based on score, weeding your garden, getting rid of sugar, breaking wooden blocks, destroying trans fats and time trials will keep you occupied! Earn Gems or Jewels to unlock super-powers!
    New levels are being added continuously!

  7. A cool new game Cheesy Bites
    ★★★ Introducing  Cheesy Bites ★★★

    In the Palace of Princess, exactly in the Temple, mouse appears, runs around the palace when cheese is everywhere and mouses mission is to collect cheeses! But beware, because the sniper cat wants to trap them.
    “cheesy bites” the latest 3D Chase game, which combines legendary cartoon figures, In a new run challenge and a temple run adventure, Where you must help the mouse to collect the most amount of cheese, And dodge the Cat to escape from it.

    *****How to play “cheesy bites”? *****
    “cheesy bites” was created by a professional team of chase and run game with High-quality techniques To be fun and easy to control, and living the most challenge of the mouse chase.
    1 Jump hurdles: Slide your finger up.
    2 Rolling to the bottom: slide your finger down.
    3 Turn left: Slide your finger to the left.
    4 Turn right: Slide your finger to the right.
    *****Highlighted features*****
    - You can buy fast mice from store
    *Baby mouse Purple
    *Baby mouse
     Link to google play:
    Requires Android:  2.3 and up
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.
  8. A cool new game North Pole Hero
    ★★★ Introducing  North Pole Hero ★★★

    Alien Snowmen are invading the North Pole as we speak. Unfortunately, Santa’s Secret Army cannot hold them off much longer—they need reinforcements. Are you ready to save the North Pole? Are you ready to save Christmas? Are you ready to save the world?
    Link to iTunes:
    Requirements: iOS 6.0 or Later.
    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.
  9. A cool new game Christmas Nonogram
    ★★★ Introducing  Christmas Nonogram ★★★

    We present to you a "Christmas Japanese Crossword"!
    "Christmas Japanese Crossword" is so exciting, that even Santa Claus plays it)
    Christmas Crossword will warm your heart in the cold days!
    What about presents? - Yes of course!
    In the first level, you'll have a folder with endless help!

    What you`ll get:
    *30 unique thematic puzzles;
    *Three difficulty levels;
    *You can paint over multiple cells at the same time;
    *You can turn on or turn off the lamp;
    *You can choose 2D or 3D view;
    *You can zoom crossword in 2D and/or 3D view;
    *keep brain in good shape;
    *a lot of pleasure from the game;
    *Whatever you do is saved, even if you exit level, your picture will remain not touched;
    *the Crossword has a very fast respond to any operation;
    *After passing a level at least once, there appears a folder, where you can see a picture which you have solved.
    *iPad Pro Support
    *You can always show final results to your family and friends!
    Link to iTunes:
    Requirements: iOS 7.0 or Later.
    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.