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  1. Beatz MP3 Music Player
    Experience music like never before? Get to ready for an incredible music listening experience with the most unique music player app for android - Beatz MP3 Music Player.

    “Beatz MP3 Music Player” is dedicated to all music lovers who want to listen to MP3 Audio songs with the best audio control features. “Beatz MP3 Music Player” app supports all audio formats and has amazing volume and audio control features. Searching for your favorite playlist of song is really easy with the amazing controls on the MP3 Music Player app. It is a minimal music player that is light and beautiful at the same time. With stunning animations, lightness and music enhancement features it is one of the best free music apps at this moment.

    This unique music player for android has a beautiful interface with smooth user controls and it is dedicated for all those who love using their phones for playing music. It lets you manage your music playlists very easily and effectively to play the songs and now there is an option to manage your music via folder view as well. This music Player supports mp3, wav, flac and many other such popular audio formats.
    Still looking for features that make the “Beatz MP3 Music Player” app most unique among all other MP3 Music Player apps? Here are features of the app that make this music player app so astounding and incredible -

    - One of the best free music players
    - Smooth HD design to browse music and listen to songs
    - Beautiful theme with neat typography
    - Amazing Animations to browse and listen to music
    - Great set of music playing features
    - Custom music album art included
    - Minimal and intuitive UI
    Link to Download:

  2. FM-World Radio -Talkmedia News
    Access thousands of international radio channels through Radio FM World! Our iOS radio app allows you to listen to great songs and music easily through our High Speed streaming feature. We also have enhanced social feature that aggregates news and radio channels for you. These awesome features make Radio FM World stands out from other radio apps.
    If you want an advanced radio app with ability to access any radio channel easily, you should install Radio FM World on your iOS device. You can access regional FM radio, online radio, or international radio through our app.
    Listening to high quality music from any genre is a breeze with Radio FM World. We have access to all music genres in existence. Listen to various genre radios that specializes in certain music genres such as hip hop, hardrock, rock, jazz, classical, folk, and other music genres you can think of.
    Get access to local and international news FM radio from around the global. Get the latest news with the latest updates anytime and anywhere.
    Get the real frequency of the radio channel you are currently listening.
    Link to Download: