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  1. Kindergarten Games for Kids
    How to Reinforce Your Child’s Learning
    Kindergarten Games for Kids was developed as a tool for parents eager to help their children learn new skills while playing in order to develop new skills for kinder including Math Games. Multiple studies show that the quickest and most effective way to learn new abilities is through hands-on play. Different educational systems including Montessori and Waldorf will agree that play and imagination are a fundamental part of the learning process. As a mother, I understand that our kids imitate our example. Even though we would like to sometimes isolate them from technology, it's nearly impossible when we spend many hours a day in front of a computer or mobile devices. It is for this reason that instead of avoiding the elephant in the room, my husband and I developed games that will work as a learning tool that will stimulate our children's curiosity. Perfect for Montessori Kindergarten Games and Montessori Education
    Develop New Skills
    Kindergarten Games for Kids is a safe place for kids to play while being constantly challenged to learn new skills for kinder. Kids need variety while training their new skills. These games offer exactly that. We have tested all our games with our son and he absolutely loves them! This gives us confidence that your kids will also love these entertaining and mind challenging puzzles. 
    We appreciate your feedback and ideas on new games. We want to help build a community that uses technology as a tool to learn and not to simply entertain while numbing our minds.
    Link to Download:

  2. Post on Loot Hub in Android Apps

    By freethinkern, posted

    Loot Hub
    Loot Hub is your one stop shop for the games and features provided by Game Loot Network! New to Game Loot Network? Or even if you are an existing user, Loot Hub is here to provide you with easy management of your Game Loot Network related activities. Be it the new games released by Game Loot Network, buying of Tokens or upgrading your account, Loot Hub has it all covered.
    With easy to use UI, using Loot Hub is a breeze. Everything is quite self-explanatory. You can reset your password, get the app to remind you your user name in case you have forgotten it, read about the Game Loot Network games before downloading them and much more!
    Loot Hub Features:
    • Easy to use and manage.
    • Awesome UI!
    • One stop shop for all the Game Loot Network games!
    • Buy Tokens directly from Loot Hub!
    • Keep track of your remaining Tokens!
    • Upgrade your Account Type with ease!
    • Reset your password!
    • Remember User Name feature to help you remember User Name!
    • Favorite your favorite game.
    • Install or Remove games from one portal!
    Link to download: