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  1. SMS Organizer
    SMS Organizer help you to organize your sms schedule and stay connected with your phone contacts seamlessly!
    Never miss any occasion with SMS Organizer! SMS Organizer will help you to plan your entire SMS days in advance, and send all those SMS on defined dates to pre-mentioned destinations!
    Features of SMS Organizer :
    ✦ User-friendly
    ✦ Attractive UI
    ✦ Set your own date and time format
    ✦ Schedule SMS daily, weekly or on monthly basis
    Download SMS Organizer Now! FREE on Play Store!
    Link to download:
  2. Iceberg the Game
    It's the game based on the game the New York Times called a "Sensation," and Cosmopolitan said "will be the best dollar you've ever spent."
    Iceberg is based on Heads Up! the fun an hilarious game by Ellen Degeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play this new version with friends!
    From learning stories about the person you're on a date with or breaking the ice with new friends to getting to know your close friends even better - Iceberg is the game to play.
    Play with at least one other person and go through the decks, each taking a turn to answer the questions - it's also a great way to break the ice with groups or at a bar.
    - Play with one friend or 8 at the same time.
    - Draw a card simply by tapping for the next question.
    - Diverse categories let you explore very different kinds of experiences with a friend, a romantic partner or new people and be entertained for hours, all from one app!
    With the 4 themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop!
    Decks include:
    - Classic Icebreaker
    - First Date Questions
    - Adult Supervision
    - Intimacy Junkies
    Game-nighters & those seeking to reinvigorate those late night philosophical discussions, your app is here.
    Link to download:
  3. Hey guys, i found a very cool new app Telugu Christian Songs on the Playstore.
    Telugu Christian Songs with Offline Audio for hassle free streaming
    Free Telugu Christian Songs with Audio Available Offline Only for You.
    This App includes beautiful Christian Songs to enjoy with your family and kids for praising Jesus.
    You can use this app anywhere, even in Church, without requirement of Internet Connection.
    FREE of Cost.
    Hassle free Streaming.
    Pause and Play the Audio.
    We will update the songs from time to time.
    Download free from Google PlayStore:
  4. Hey guys, i found a cool new app FaceDial for FaceTime on the App Store.
    **** FaceTime/Call/text/email your favorites contacts, with buttons showing their photo.
    - See all your favorite contacts faces,
    - FaceTime/Call/text/email them with a single touch.
    Apple Watch complication to call your favorite contact with a tap directly from the watch face (clock).

    Download Free from App Store:
  5. Post on Spike Pit (free) in Games

    By freethinkern, posted

    Spike Pit (free)
    Hey guys, I just found this cool new game Spike Pit on the App Store.
    Frank is trapped inside a pit filled with moving spikes. Help him avoid the spikes while you collect as many coins as you can. Use your coins to unlock Frank's friends through the slot machine, all of them having unique stages. There are 4 special characters with each of them having an extra difficulty.
    Download Free from App Store:

  6. Solid Wallet (free)
    Hey guys, I just found this cool app Solid Wallet on the PlayStore.
    Solid Wallet is the ultimate rewards app to earn free gift cards and cash prizes from PayPal, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Google Play, Steam and many more! simply by completing simple offers and watching videos.
    Earn credits by completing surveys, trying out new apps, watching videos , inviting your friends and logging in everyday.
    Download Free from Google Playstore:
  7. FreeThinkers Radio (free)
    Hey guys, I just found this cool app FreeThinkers Radio on the PlayStore.
    Promoting Diverse, Free Thought and Conversations, FreeThinkers Radio is now available not only for the Apple family on iTunes but NOW for your Android pleasure!! Enjoy the Music and Fun and #FeelFreeToThinkFreely
    Download Free from Google Playstore:

  8. Hey guys, I just found this cool game Bye Bye Game
    By Mimo Films on the App store
    Its an endless arcade game bringing you Chubs, Skinny and Boss. Three hilarious characters "working" under the same roof, ahem...ahem or better said, in the same basement! And to be honest, they do not work at all!!
    This game is free for a limited time only.
    You can download it today from the App store:
  9. All Booked Up (free)
    All Booked Up is a high score challenge game with the opportunity to score real prizes like free hotel stays and gift cards! As a hotel manager, you are tasked with booking as many rooms as you can to maximize your hotel's revenue - that's how you promote to bigger hotels in new cities. But beware, if you answer phones and cannot book the guests, you'll be looking for a new gig!
    You'll need to strategize the best use of your power ups to make sure you get the high score and a chance at the prizes in the tournament area. This is the area of the game where you play against the best and brightest to see who can win great prizes! Your strategy can be your key to victory, or the sure way to be fired. Power ups include online booking (booking 50% of open rooms), conference booking (book a full floor), Place on Hold (answer a new phone), Room Upgrade (move a guest to a new floor), and Early Checkout (remove a guest from the hotel). Every power up has its benefit, but you can only use each once, so you'll have to decide whether you try to book up your hotels full or want to be promoted to more hotels in your journey. The best part is there's no cost to enter!
    You don't have to play for prizes, in fact it's just as enjoyable to just play for fun and see if you can get your hotels all booked up! You'll see cities from Cleveland to Dubai and in between, so enjoy the opportunity to travel and try to get your hotels all booked up!
    Download from App Store: