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  1. Dood: The Puzzle Planet
    Go on a journey through abandoned lands by solving puzzles and learn the secrets of the world of Dood.
    Play through many handmade levels - from simple to deeply challenging. And get a rich, yet relaxing experience through carefully crafted puzzles. You are going to scratch your head and will need to think in a different way.
    Young and old can enjoy the world of Dood likewise! No matter if kids, teenagers - even adults will find the world of Dood rich and satisfying.
    ★ Free to play & free to win!
    ★ Simple yet fun, addictively challenging and smart puzzles
    ★ Explore many unique places with 60 and more levels to come! 
    ★ Leaderboards to watch your friends!
    ★ Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to master. Simply move your blobs and get more farms.
    ★ Make combos to get more moves!
    ★ Use the fireflies to create new bridges between islands
    ★ Made a mistake? The Owl will get you back in time 
    ★ The stars have fallen. Can you bring all of them back to place?
    ★ Black stars - Have you seen one?
    ★ Compete with your friends - who gets the highest score? Who will beat a level with the least moves?
    Link to Google play: