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  1. Post on Pokefie - for Pokemon in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    PDF Downloader and Reader
    Pdf Downloader and Reader is really cool app you can download directly file from web using in build browser and read off-line. Its also provide various features which really cool as ready because you can mark favourite, Bookmark, share Etc.Some of the features are listed below check this out.
    App featured on AppMart :
    App Video Demo:
    • Easy to use and download
    • Search from Internet and easy to download
    • In-build browser for download
    • No limit for downloads
    • Download multiply files
    • Inbuilt reader
    • Easy to Read and mark favourite your book
    • Bookmark features while reading any books
    • Resume/Pause Features display speed and size
    • Read offline and store locally within App
    • Clean and elegant graphics
    Link to ITunes: :


  2.  [NEW APP] Beats Builder
    Beats Builder is a fun, unique app that uses images that represent sounds to create a song or a "Beat". Its simplicity allows anyone to create music with ease. You simply drag the images onto an empty slot to add a sound, it will play once or, place a repeater to make the sound repeat. There are 100 sounds to choose from! Save up to ten songs so you can work on them later and show them off.
    Get creative.
    What beats can you come up with?
    Link to google play: