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  1. Post on Bounce-E in Android Games

    By freethinkern, posted

    The Ultimate Time Killer Has Bounced its Way Onto Android!!
    Bored of waiting around with nothing to do? check out this free game and before you know it time will have flown by.
    The Aim: Pretty simple, change the platforms on each level to the required color, gain points, the further you get the more high score you have!
    Share your high score with friends and become the KING of the BOUNCE!
    Endless Mode:
    Endless mode was made for those that may be on a commute on a train or bus and cannot find a seat.. standing there can be boring so this simple mode is a one button mode where score is made by the distance you travel!, the further you get the more points you get.
    Remove Ads & Unlock Endless Mode
    (2 products for a cheap price!).
    Please Note:
    We cannot be held responsible if you are late for anything!
    We have given the option to purchase Remove Ads & Unlock Endless Game Mode both at one cheap cost, this is because not everyone needs to play Endless Mode and we also cannot make everything free.
    Link to Download: