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  1. Dowload these files oxycube- http://www.mediafire.com/?rlitklenb8c6u8b Certificate- http://www.mediafire.com/?vo62apet2et5ma3,rlitklenb8c6u8b instal oxycube nd extract certificates Nd then 1. connect ur fon to pc nd open oxycube n pc. 2. now open c:/hiddenfolders/certificates 3. now copy authority certificates to authority nd user to user 4. now disconnect nd reboot ur fon......nd its done!
  2. hahaha flash ic is dead such a nubis rply evri i hv hrd nd realy a profesnl hd replied u this hahaha realy vry funny if a prsn hd rplied u this then that guy is a noob anyway ur fon cn b alivd jst give it to nokia care or a gud repair shop nd dnt trust on any nuby prsn non of ic cn be damgd in this proces
  3. Hello everyone i have made a CFW for Nokia 6303 [move]BELLE POP[/move] Hope you guys love this... Hit Thanks if You Like My CFW Here's Are some screenshots- Changes:- -Belle botom bar -new icons -orange homescreen -new status bar icons -new luk of musicplayer Flashing Method -download jaf Download -open navifirm provided in ppm pack -select ur RM-Type in the 1st column. To know ur phone's RM-Type, dial *#0000# in ur phone and note the RM-type and ur firmware version too. -select ur firmware version in the 2nd column dont select lower firmware virsion it wil kil ur fon -select the variant in the 3rd column according to ur phone's product code. To know the product code, just open the battery and u will see the RM-type and the product code. -now in 4th column download only ".mcusw" & ".image" files. -after downloading the files rename the .mcusw file to .c0r -now instal jaf -connect ur phone with pc via usb cable in pc suite mode. -Run Pkey emulator and then click on "GO" -ur jaf will open u will get box driver error, press ok. -click on bb5 tab -then check "manual flash", "dead usb"...."normal mode" & uncheck "crt308" -now click on "MCU" and select your ".c0r" file -now click on "PPM" and select the ".ppm" file present in the ppm pack -now click on "CNT" button and select .image file -now u can see "MCU, PPM & CNT" buttons are green now -now switch off ur phone and click on flash button u wil get a warning msg Press "yes" -and the jaf wil ask u to press power buton press that button for mxm 3 seconds. -ur flashing wil get started wait until it get finished after ompleting ur phone wil automatically get started WARNING: DONOT DISCONNECT UR PHONE WHILE FLASHING METHOD FOR ACTIVATING ORANGE HOMESCREEN -download oxycube - Download -instal it -then open it and then connect u phone in nokia pc suit mode -then go here " C:\predefhiddenfolder\predefisasettings\variantdefaults " -then delete present variant -now copy the variant that i had provided in ppm file -now close oxycube, diconect ur phone, nd restart ur phone. -now in ur phone goto " menu->setting->display->Belle pop homescreen " nd do on there join me on fb Prabhakar Kumar madhacker download PPM nd Nvifirm from 1 pack- Download [move]PLEASE DO COMENTS HOW MUCH U LIKE OR DISLIKE MY CFW[/move]
  4. yup m jst working on that bt unfortunately i m going somewhere for some work nd wil be back after 18 so i can post that cfw only after 21 or 22............
  5. help me guys i have flashed my nokia 5233 with this nd when i try to add noification pannel in my homescree only a blank content et added nd it dont show any notification tel me wat to do now?
  6. i idnt get the files i hv searched a lot f u hv those file links then plz give me
  7. hey one more thing i wont want to upgrade my frimware version bcoz there are lots of 50.6 v cfws saved on my hdd nd i regularly chng my fone firmwares..................so is there is any way to chng 51.6 to 50.6 ???? plz help me ......
  8. man nic cfw bt i dont like the swipe to unlock so can u plz tel me hw can i chng it to tap o unlock ?
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