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  1. Many times mobile users struggle to bypass Adf links because it stucks to 1-2 seconds and doesnt show “SKipAD” Button. Lets Play a Trick with Opera To Bypass It. Just Create a New Bookmark in Your Opera Mini or any other browser with address as: => javascript:showSkip(); Save it with the name of Adf Killer or any name you want, or you can simply paste it in the address bar when needed. Now whenever you click any Adf link then simply open your Adf Kiler Bookmark, It will start countdown from the second it was stucked.Open the bookmark again until it shows “Skip AD” Button. You can simply create a speed dial with the code(javascript) given above and whenever you open any Adf link in your opera Mini Browser, Simply click * +(plus) Your Speed Dial No. You Can Also Try It On Other Web Sites Which Stuck During The Countdown Using Opera Mini Browser. Save thise in bookmarks=> javascript:showSkip();
  2. hey bro one problem only how to refresh music library? Its say 0 file added! How to music add? Plz tell me now my cell phone n5233...
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