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  1. I searched everywhere but i didn't found a clean c6v42 ported firmware... Even on binh24 blog... All mediafire links are dead.. So any modder can upload a clean and latest c6v42 port along with a new core? I'm making a new cfw so i need these files badly... Thanks in advance..
  2. the cfw is nice.. The icons are good.. Maps and notifications related applications are working fine... The one thing i really liked about this cfw is its dolby sound.. But sadly you messed it all up by poor ram management.... There is a bug in music player in which we can't delete songs or playlists... But everything else seems to work just fine... btw can you tell which files/mod you used to gain that dolby and camera quality? Lastly Thanks for making such a decent looking cfw ...
  3. and i tried it many times but i still don't get any free space in Rofs2, even after removing its default apps,
  4. sorry i didn't mention it.. but im currently using skyfire redefined belle 2.1
  5. hello everyone... its my first time posting in this forum, and i hope i'll get all my queries gets cleared here, well i'm seeing a lot of cfws here and i wanna try skyfire belle 2.1... The main problem which i'm facing in this cfw is i can't get any free space for adding my own apps in this cfw.. I tried removing default apps with nokia fw clearner, like ovi maps,store,sync etc but i don't know why but i still don't get any space for adding apps, while in other cfws i can get free space by removing default apps... My second problem is i badly wanna remove apps intrigated in this cfw like brightness control,t-tpod,egg shell etc.. I hope i can get solution for my problem here
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