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  1. freethinkern added a topic in Games   

    Sniper Block Dudu
    Sniper Block Dudu
    Sniper Block dudu is a super funny game not only for adult it also for kid.
    Sniper Block dudu will give you a funny scene in life. 
    Character in game are low poly , block human.
    Feeling and give us your feeling. We will update commonly.
    Link to ITunes:

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  2. freethinkern added a topic in Games   

    Emojis in Space
    Emojis in Space
    Battle Emojis Across the Galaxy in this Retro Arcade Space Shooter!
    Super villain Boss Kitty and his emoji minions have taken control of the galaxy! Clyde Panther, the coolest cat in space, is the only one who can save it! Battle through 12 challenging levels and fight Boss Kitty in the final showdown. Good luck, the galaxy is counting on you!
    Bringing arcade style gameplay and retro graphics into the modern age, Emojis in Space is a fast-paced and colorful shooter, set in the far reaches of an unknown galaxy. 
    With 12 uniquely challenging stages, Emojis in Space will put your concentration, reaction speed and precision to the test as you attempt to reach Boss Kitty’s lair. It won’t be an easy task! The levels are filled with waves of evil space emojis who are there to do only one thing – kill you! 
    Actually, two things – kill you and look cute doing it!
    As you battle through space, shooting through waves of emoji enemies, you’ll earn points, which are the main currency in Clyde Panther’s galaxy. You can spend them on some really cool stuff to help you defeat Boss Kitty. Score enough points and see your name immortalized in the Hall of Legends!
    -> Primary Laser Enhancements – BIGGER. HOTTER. MORE AWESOME. 
    -> Item Upgrades – Enable powerful items to blast foes in every direction.
    -> Extra Lives – Nobody likes to die. Bolster your defenses!
    The more you upgrade Clyde Panther, the easier you’ll be able to defeat the emojis, battle Boss Kitty and get the highest score in the galaxy!
    Suitable for every gamer imaginable, from the casual to the hardcore, Emojis in Space features stunning graphics, funky retro sounds and simple tilt and tap controls. The pick up and play nature of this game makes it the perfect way to kill time – and emojis!
    For the most skilled Space Warriors out there, we’ve added a new, harder challenge into each level. If you can battle through a level without being harmed, you’ll be awarded with a zodiac sign. Collect all 12 zodiac signs to unleash Clyde Panther’s ULTIMATE power. 
    We can’t tell you what it is, though ^__~
    ** Why Emojis in Space is the Coolest Space Shooter Ever **
    -> IT’S RETRO, MAN – Bold, high-quality graphics, funky sound effects and upbeat music will transport you to a time when games were just lots of fun, free of ads, and just plain awesome. 
    -> INTUITIVE CONTROLS – Our tap and tilt controls make learning to play a breeze.
    -> COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY – From the moment you install Emojis in Space, you’ll be able to enjoy the game without any restrictions. No waiting for energy to recharge, no buying super lasers with real hard-earned cash and no internet needed. Play offline, any time!
    Link to ITunes:

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  3. freethinkern added a topic in Android Apps   

    Cheap Flights Worldwide

    Cheap Flights Worldwide
    With the application Cheap Flights Worldwide you can start planning your trip and flights in advance. 
    We implemented two air ticket search systems in the application. Simple is the compilation of a typical route from one city to another with the ability to designate the desired date of flight, the number and composition of passengers, and choose a class of comfort. 
    Unlike simple in complex search it is possible to plan a complex route with several transplants and destination points. This is very convenient if you need to organize several flights at once. In the application Cheap Flights Worldwide you will be provided with the most complete information on the availability of tickets. Unlike analogues, this service uses five global distribution reservation systems, thereby expanding the search and delivery of results. Thus, everyone can find a solution for themselves by their own pocket. 
    The third useful feature of the Cheap Flights Worldwide is the availability of a well-designed filter system. At your request can be issued quite a lot of results. In order not to get confused, you can immediately cut off the unsuitable.
    For example, using the price filter, you can leave only the cheapest tickets, if you are interested in finding the most budget option. Also you can make the restriction of the number of transplants, travel time.
    Link to Download:

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  4. freethinkern added a topic in Android Apps   


    100 billion connections later, Chatrandom has revolutionized the way people meet strangers online. Launched in 2011 and used by millions of people every month Chatrandom is a powerful tool to instantly meet new people for video chatting, flirting, dating or just to meet people you otherwise would have never met. 
    Chatrandom is easy to use and fun, get paired with a random person for video chat then just “swipe right” to connect with someone new. It’s that simple! 
    With thousands of users online right now, chatting and making new friends is now easier than ever
    Link to Download:

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  5. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   

    4 Pics 1 Word

    4 Pics 1 Word
    Can you guess the word and move onto the next level? Look at the four pictures and guess what they all have in common. Then Win!
    There are endless puzzles from easy to hard that are waiting for you to enjoy! New puzzles are added constantly for your non-stop entertainment.
    ★NO Registration, NO Complicated Rules. Just Start Playing and Have FUN!★
    Link to Download:

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  6. freethinkern added a topic in Games   

    Cruising Spaceships
    Cruising Spaceships
    How far can you go in "Cruising Spaceships"? Break through the gates to score points while collecting powerups.
    its awesome game try it now!
    Link to ITunes:

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  7. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   

    Classic Tetris

    Classic Tetris
    Move and rotate blocks as they fall and fit them together. Fill horizontal line and it will disappear. If you will not be successful the blocks will reach the top and the game will end. 
    As longer you will play harder will be, as blocks will go faster and faster.
    Swipe to move. Press to rotate. And have fun!
    Link to Download:

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  8. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   

    Kindergarten Games for Kids

    Kindergarten Games for Kids
    How to Reinforce Your Child’s Learning
    Kindergarten Games for Kids was developed as a tool for parents eager to help their children learn new skills while playing in order to develop new skills for kinder including Math Games. Multiple studies show that the quickest and most effective way to learn new abilities is through hands-on play. Different educational systems including Montessori and Waldorf will agree that play and imagination are a fundamental part of the learning process. As a mother, I understand that our kids imitate our example. Even though we would like to sometimes isolate them from technology, it's nearly impossible when we spend many hours a day in front of a computer or mobile devices. It is for this reason that instead of avoiding the elephant in the room, my husband and I developed games that will work as a learning tool that will stimulate our children's curiosity. Perfect for Montessori Kindergarten Games and Montessori Education
    Develop New Skills
    Kindergarten Games for Kids is a safe place for kids to play while being constantly challenged to learn new skills for kinder. Kids need variety while training their new skills. These games offer exactly that. We have tested all our games with our son and he absolutely loves them! This gives us confidence that your kids will also love these entertaining and mind challenging puzzles. 
    We appreciate your feedback and ideas on new games. We want to help build a community that uses technology as a tool to learn and not to simply entertain while numbing our minds.
    Link to Download:

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  9. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   


    Bounce, swish, and swim to survive as you journey across the boundless ocean in this endless aquatic arcade game.
    One finger character movement. Keep your finger on the screen and slide your finger left and right to move
    Multi-colored jellyfish
    Fluid camera movement, follows character as you glide left and right
    Magnificent world design
    Link to Download:

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  10. freethinkern added a topic in Android Apps   

    [APP] Volume Booster App For Android

    Download it Today:

    Volume Booster Prois a professional sound and Volume booster which will maximize and Fully Utilizes Speakers for Max Volume Output without Distortion.
    Volume Booster Pro will boost volume output upto two times the original without sound distortion.
    Volume Booster Pro will easily boost volume of notification sound, ringtone, music player, alarm and System.
    ULTIMATE Volume Booster Pro is easy to use with instant volume boost.

    Key Features Of Volume Booster Pro:
    ✔ Easy to Use Beautiful UI
    ✔ Takes very less space Just 2.3Mb in Size
    ✔ One Touch Instant Volume Boost
    ✔ Three Modes: Silent, Normal And Max Volume
    ✔ Seamlessly Works with Ring, Notifications, SMS, Voice call, Media, Alarm and System
    ✔ Upto Two Times Volume Boost
    ✔ Easy Sound Booster
    ✔ Boost Smartphone Speakers sound
    ✔ It Works Best with Headphones And Speakers
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  11. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   

    Real Gunshot Shooting Champion

    Real Gunshot Shooting Champion
    Terrorists have taken control over everything except few; all government facilities and agencies have been captured. As a special force operative, you will receive missions to eliminate enemies and terrorists in the area. Complete the assigned missions to bring back the peace. Penetrate most dangerous terrorist bases and hunt them all without getting yourself killed. 
    Real Gunshot Shooting Champion is a first-person action shooting game, Fight enemies in the hostile desert environments. Use your combat skills sets and tactics to hunt the deadly enemy soldiers in desert outposts and camps. Use your shooting skills acquired in assassin and marine training to eliminate hostile enemy soldiers with strategy and precision.
    Destroy enemy bases completely and shake foundations of the terrorism. Kill each and every enemy soldier that you encounter in the battlefield, no diplomacy no remorse. 
    Multiple Characters are available from the different task forces with unique special abilities and weapons. Fight the terrorists in different locations and different time zones.
    Real Gunshot Shooting Champion is a complete package of fps game and is full of thrilling action and battle experience. Complete all missions and win war against terrorism and prove yourself as a best counter terrorism commando.
    Link to Download:

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  12. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   

    Trump Burrito

    Trump Burrito
    Make America great again and Catch the Burritos! 
    Touch the screen and Trump go left or right to catch the burrito. Don't miss the burritos. Beat your friend's scores!
    Link to Download:

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  13. freethinkern added a topic in Android Games   

    Fish Pond

    Fish Pond
    Ramadan Greetings!
    Andy is in crazy love with fish!! This Ramadan Andy is waiting for your help to collect more and more beautiful fish from the near pond ... Will you help Andy in his mission? … What? You don’t know who is Andy!!!
    We are giving huge 50% discount on our in-apps during this blessed month of Ramadan. grab the opportunity before its too late. 
    Enjoy this FREE challenging, and fun match-3 game to know who is Andy and I’m sure, you’ll like him and dive with him in the amazing fish pond,,
    Engage with your friends, challenge them and play this unique match-3 gameplay. You’ll need to connect 3 or more fish of the same shape and colour to collect them and increase your score. Wonderful map through the fantastic fish pond, with attractive levels of interesting difficulties.
    Play every day and you’ll gain a FREE daily reward of coins to help you pass levels and achieve high scores!
    · High quality graphics and unique gameplay.
    · Tons of amazing and attractive levels with different level targets.
    · Powerful combo boosters and power ups from the pond environment to assist you on each level.
    · Play with your Friends, challenge them, and track them on your map.
    · Share your score with Facebook friends and place your score in the leader board.
    Link to Download:

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  14. freethinkern added a topic in Android Apps   

    timee - Social Calendar

    timee - Social Calendar
    A calendar that connects people: timee is a calendar-based communication app. Easy-to-use, social & fun.

    timee changes the way you organize your everyday life. It opens a new door for calendaring by offering a powerful set of simple-to-use and social features. Instantly reach out to your friends, family, colleagues and contacts. Share your schedule, get notified, invite your friends, get invited, and organize appointments with a few taps. Never miss out something important.


    • Daily and monthly calendar views. Change views, but have your agenda on the same screen
    • No more tedious typing, use pre-filled categories, time and date tables, location, description and more details with a few taps.
    • Set up flexible reminders for your important events
    • Import holidays
    • Sync with Google Calendar, Samsung S Planner and many other external calendars.
    • Set up recurring events with flexible dates
    • Weather forecast
    • Time zones
    • Appointment conflict warner
    • Widget


    • The ultimate platform to organize an event, arrange meetings and appointments: Create an event and share it instantly with your friends, family or contacts.
    • At a glance, find who confirmed or rejected your invitation. Invitees will find all the relevant event data in their calendar.
    • Create groups, e.g. friends, family, colleagues, partners, members, clients, etc., and reach out to them with just a tap.
    • Share files (up to 3 MB) with everyone who will attend
    • Use the fully integrated messenger to discuss the latest for a specific event, either in 1:1 chats or group chats.
    • Share images, text and more in the chat
    • For event organizers: publish your non-commercial event in our event listing and get more audience
    Link to Download:

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  15. freethinkern added a topic in Android Apps   


    With you can enjoy:
    1. Safe & Secure EU Regulated Environment – CBFinvest is a brand of Spot Capital Markets Ltd (CySEC Registration Number 210/13)
    2. Minimum trade amount of $5
    3. Choose your account currency in any of the following 3 base currencies (EUR, USD, GBP)
    4. Quick and easy withdrawals
    5. Deposit & Refer-a-friend bonus
    6. Free Live Binary Webinars
    7. CBFinvest TV with Online Video Tutorials
    8. Daily Market Updates via e-mail
    9. Economic Calendar
    10. Tailor-made Coaching
    Link to Download:

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