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  1. Hey guys I got the CFW Nokia Equlibrium for my Nokia X6 its pretty good! One problem I noticed is that when I plug my headphones in or any other thing in the audio jack nothing is recongized and no display comes up as it did before I flashed it. Is there anyway for my headphones to be recongized or is this a bug that can't be fixed?
  2. Hello guys Basically I got a nokia x6 i've got cfw equilibrium on it I dont like the tap unlock as it unlocks in my pocket. I've tried looking on here and other forums how to get the slide unlock on it. No instructions have been posted anywhere but the general gist I've got is to flash the phone which I have, get the sys resource files which I have, copy and paste them into the c section of the phone memory which i've done and seen no difference. Can someone please explain step by step how to mod it to slide unlock ? Thanx in advance guys !!!
  3. Hey I like the software its really good the only problem I have is that when I try and go to my mobile homepage which is three it says packet data not available. When I try other internet pages they work on WAP before flashing my phone I upgraded it from v32 to v40 I had to flash that aswell. First time I used Jaf though. Any ideas on getting my three mobile homepage to open?
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