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  1. hello all i need some help how to add/make new folder like utilities or connectivity by editing matrixmenudata, i tried to add script in matrixmenudata.xml with uid of utilities n connectivity folder but didnt succeed.. hope someone can help me...sorry for my english ... :)
  2. i need help... does anyone know the uid code for add recipent n insert content on msg editor??
  3. i dont know much about editing rofs2 bro,can u give other tutorial link to integrate menu grid switch or menu swup in rofs pls..
  4. i hardreset my phone cause menu not work, is there any way to put menu switc or menu swup in rofs2?
  5. theres no boot folder on e,c or rofs2, i tried to edit 101F8763.txt file but not working,my phone can boot but i lost my booting screen haha :D
  6. confusing for newbie like me there is no Starter_non_critical.rsc in my rofs2
  7. judy is a punk - The Ramones \m/ \m/ \m/ :D >-
  8. extract it using new version of 7zip just try it,n u will know how this cfw works ;-)
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