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  1. PLEASE READ Why? It is quite self-explanatory, on the cfw releases thread itself please look at the start date, as you can see the latest is by me and the couple below have not really gained any popularity. It has been over or nearly a year since a popluar CFW Releases thread was opened, the latest was the ROCKSTAR BELLE v7 (posted on this site by me). The only active users, as a moderator, was navratn, whom to all I can say is thank you for the maintainence of this section of the website while others were busy. Though i cannot really see much in this section of the S60V5 modding, so that is why i chose to post this. I am sure most people would agree after looking through the area. So, the CFW RELEASES ARE CLOSED (for now anyway), read below if you do want to post. I want post! It is fine by me if you do want to post a new thread for a CFW for S60V5 devices you have found or you have made, but BEFORE YOU POST A NEW CFW RELEASE PLEASE POST IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS THREAD WHAT IT IS! I do apologize for the inconvenience, feel free to post your views or any new ideas. Thank you, TechWhizZ199
  2. You can reflash straight from Skyfire to Blaze though make sure all data on your memory card is backed up to ovi preferably and follow what the thread on Blaze Ultimate says. Blaze Ultimate is faster but lacks features.
  3. You can reflash straight from Skyfire to Blaze though make sure all data on your memory card is backed up to ovi preferably and follow what the thread on Blaze Ultimate says. Blaze Ultimate is faster but lacks features.
  4. That will not work since we can not completely remove the symbian^1 firmware since we can no other firmware is capable of running on the hardware. Besides we have not unlocked bootloader yet or have the symbian^1 source code, the symbian^3 source code has only been leaked. In terms of creating an android based cfw ( based on the Cyanogen Mod) is possible, though the only issue is everyone has abandoned the symbian s60v5 cfws and moved to symbian^3 or more likely to android.
  5. IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ ALL OF THE ARTICLE BEFORE ASKING! Introduction: Hello again to all the Gizmolord Forum user's, my name is TechWhizZ199 if you did not know me, today i will present to yet another CFW out of the archives. Before i press on, i must highlight some issues still pending with this CFW, one i am aware there is another thread on the Katalyst^2 CFW but as many know that thread is hardly anything to look at or even work your way around to getting to download the actual CFW. Also i must arise the issue that many CFW threads online for this CFW says that a Katalyst^2.1 is in production, this is FALSE. Do not get me wrong, i am not the author of this CFW, i am simple just posting this. Credits: All credits to this firmware go to the rightful creators/ modders : shadowninty, deathgoddg, anshmiester78900, iwalkwithshadow, adhir_g2007, srgudhka & FRIENDS OF THESE PEOPLE. Flashing Firmware?: Are you confused about flashing your phone or simply can not find the right place to look for a good tutorial. In that case please check the links below ( these links are used on many CFW threads across the internet, it is reliable if you read carefully). I cannot be responsible for any possible damage that is inflicted onto your phone, you choose to do it at your risk! I am not saying it will brick your phone (meaning it will not turn on or fails to turn/boot up properly), though every time you flash your phone incorrectly, e.g. using the wrong files, you have chance of bricking your phone. TUTORIALS: SIMPLIFIED FLASHING FOR BEGINNER'S FLASHING METHOD MANUAL FLASH METHOD ALL THESE METHODS TAKES YOU TO FORUM.DAILYMOBILE.NET, PLEASE READ THE TUTORIALS THERE ( TUTORIALS ARE ON THE LINKS ABOVE WHICH DIRECTS YOU TO A BLAZE ULTIMATE CFW THREAD) KATALYST^2 SCREENSHOTS OFFICIAL CREATOR/MAKER : ishandigipunk MAX. RAM : 77.721 MB CHANGELOG - KATALYST^2 ( FROM DAILYMOBILE) List of modifications Boot Modifications Now get the freedom to choose your own Bootscreen(s). Unlike other CFWs, in Katalyst^2 you get 2 different Boot animations & sounds Just select your boot animation(s) & sound(s). Place them in E:Boot (automatically created by the FW). Rename them as- First boot animation file - startup.gif First boot sound file - startup.mp3 Second boot animation file - startup 2.gif Second boot sound file - startup 2.mp3 Homescreens Katalyst is the most flexible CFW in terms of Homescreens. You get to choose your own homescreens yourself (Not only just OraTsu like other CFWs, but also Orange Tornado & Vodafone HS) There are 2 variants of the FW. One is the 8HS variant (No flash HS to avoid bugs) & the other one is the 9 HS variant (With flash HS) for those who can live with the Flash HS bugs. These homescreens are provided with the FW- Contacts Bar Basic Full page Navigation bar Shortcuts bar Here are some links for HS threads (Orange Tornado & Vodafone). Choose whichever you like. Collection of OraTsu homescreens Collection of Vodafone homescreens by ravish_919 In the 9HS variant, you get samsung widget HS (Flash HS) without the samsung bottom bar. You can manually add/remove it anytime you want by simply placing this samsungtoolbar.mif in E:resourceapps I've tried to make Katalyst^2 like a universal FW. So nothing useless added. Users get to choose what they want to add to their phones. Nothing useless added Applications Conversations (Integrated in messaging UI & hidden from menu) ROMPatcher+ New fileBrowser BTswitch (Hidden) Music player controls (Hidden) Auto-installer not added. You can install it manually (It's a free app available on thinkchange's website) Themes Original c6 theme added Only one theme added as i wanted to keep the CFW clean to give the users the choice for their own personalization Graphical Modifications Theme Effects: Speed Type 2 by Joker with Super Turbo Manifest User Interface highly accelerated to give you a blazing fast phone Reduced effects complexity which should result in a speed increase User Interface and Games framerate increased from 22 to 30 fps Blazing fast screen rotation Polished the UI for heavy usage You can now play games better Kinetic scrolling made extreemly smooth Kinetic scrolling removed from short lists to make it even faster Blue curve menu busy circle My own digital menu mod used Default Fonts Used Performance Modifications CPU load decreased RAM Cache in C: for best performance (This is the default configuration) Zero start up of background applications The FW prevent applications (Calender, Clock, Logs) from going in background automatically after you close them. But Contacts & messaging will still remain in background after you close them to ensure the best speed while using them. New CPU settings to boost performance Increased Heap Size further to boost up performance System cache increased Battery Optimised (to get the best out of your battery) Media Modifications Gallery Gallery Browsing Speed Increased. Gallery will not search the folder "E:Wallpapers" (and it also won't search E:boot) Music Player Music Player Reads only E:Music Music player speed highly accelerated Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons) Music Player will Refresh even faster Camera Camera won't eat RAM after being closed Camera capture tone 3 changed, Now you'll get N8's camera capture tone when you select camera capture tone 3 To silence the camera capture tone, select camera capture tone 4. Web Browser Default Web Browser Cache increased to 10 MB and moved to E: "Rotate" Option in Browser File Manager Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads Nokia default file browser will show system folders and root folder (Just enable ReadCroot.rmp Patch) Misc. Modifications Bluetooth name changed to Katalyst^2 Call volume changed to maximum by default Default profile name changed from General to Katalyst^2 FOTA disabled to gain extra 5 MBs in C: Lock/Unlock vibration removed to gain even more battery life Delivery Reports turned on by default Character encoding set to full support by default Now you can record up to 12 Hours "In call timer" ON by default Voice Recording quality improved Tacticle Vibration Feedback turned OFF in "Katalyst^2" profile by default Light sensor settings changed Default screen brightness set to 50% by default DOWNLOADS SECTION: EVERYTHING'S HERE EXCEPT FOR THE DOWNLOAD LINKS, THEY WERE HOSTED ON MULTIUPLOAD BUT THE LINKS DO NOT WORK, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE THEY ARE PLEASE REPLY!
  6. SkyFire Belle v2.1 Core File Please to all users, use the Symbian Anna v7.9 Core file located in the link below: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vqfg4bj1er4e4ie/Symbian+Anna+v7.9+para+Nokia+5800.rar JUST USE THE CORE FILE (.C00) from the rar folder.
  7. Currently on S60V5, Fring is a video call client, it is free currently on the Nokia store or online on the internet.
  8. Hello, As you know some N-GAGE games running on S60V5 devices face the KERN-EXEC error. To fix this error download the file below: "N-GAGE error fix", then install on C drive and finally download and install the N-GAGE games you want to play. Some games do not work, be sure to have all other apps off while playing the N-GAGE games, even background programs such as Belle Topbar. "N-GAGE ERROR FIX": http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/2599298/ Thank You TechWhizZ199
  9. Hello, As you know some N-GAGE games running on S60V5 devices face the KERN-EXEC error. To fix this error download the file below: "N-GAGE error fix", then install on C drive and finally download and install the N-GAGE games you want to play. Some games do not work, be sure to have all other apps off while playing the N-GAGE games, even background programs such as Belle Topbar. "N-GAGE ERROR FIX": http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/2599298/ Thank You TechWhizZ199
  10. Best Core File To Use For Your CFW Hello to all Gizmolord forum members and guests, It has been a long time since i posted and i can definitely see that there has been less and less posts and topics on this forum (at least for the S60V5 section, navratn would agree) so i thought it might be time to just add a quick though important and effective post. So can the admin, Navratn, please pin this for future members and guests looking through this section. Core Files So when you flash you must use this, a requirement for the phone to work, in terms of the files needed of course. Though you may be wondering why i said the 'best' core file to use. Of course when you download CFW such as Blaze Ultimate, they want you to download the Binh24's refresh core file to use with the rofs2 and uda for Blaze Ultimate CFW though i have been testing out some comparisons of the core file between the Binh24 Refresh Core and several others and i get RAM differences, and odd result but a true one never the less. My phone currently in use is the Nokia 5800 running SkyFire Redefined on v (S60V5). FASTER CORE? So that brings me to what i want to say, personally i think that the use of: SYMBIAN LATINO's 'SYMBIAN ANNA v 7.9' CORE FILE is the fastest and best core file, though i am not so sure about this though i would like people to try both the Binh24's Refresh Core and Symbian Latino's Symbian Anna v7.9 Core to spot any RAM differences. Personally i noticed an increase of at least 5 MB of RAM while using the Symbian Latino Core to the Refresh Core. Though it is not to say it might just be me, so please try out the core differences especially in a CFW such as Blaze Ultimate (do not try Vanilla as it is not as stable as ultimate) or Skyfire Redefined. When flashing just change only the core files, keep the Rofs2 and/or Rofs3 and UDA files the same. The download links to both core files are below, reply if the links are not working at any one given time: Symbian Latino's 'Symbian ANNA v 7.9' Core file download (Mediafire link, only take out the core file and use with the desired cfw's Rofs2 or Rofs3 or UDA files): http://www.mediafire.com/download/vqfg4bj1er4e4ie/Symbian+Anna+v7.9+para+Nokia+5800.rar USE ANY OTHER CORE FILE(S) TO SEE THE RAM DIFFERENCE: Binh24's Refresh Core file download (Mediafire link also use WinRAR to open the 7z file the core is stored in.): http://www.mediafire.com/download/p4lqkxxy1ybwcyz/RM-356_60.0.003_Refresh+Core+by+Binh24.7z Reply if you have any other finding's. TechWhizZ199
  11. Hello, I'm not exactly sure why touch stops working though the emergency calls only is only due to lack of range, you don't have a clear signal, you should move to where there is a better signal, hence why calls are not clear.
  12. Hello heatwave and yes so was i too "waiting for Nokia 5800" while i received the news that Nokia 5800 would be cancelled due to a possible new cfw by Raajplays, author of this cfw. Sorry to everyone expecting the Nokia 5800 one, so was i since i have one as well. Go to dailymobile to check up on his account or his thread for rockstar belle v7 to ask him personally. He maybe making a cfw based on the sony xperia as i heard! Or thats what he plans if people agree. Check out the dailymobile thread here: RockStar Belle Dailymobile Thread CHECK COMMENTS THERE ALSO.
  13. I mean its kind of a disappointment since symbian have released symbian^3 source code and no symbian s60 source code...
  14. Hi, now me and navratn123 (moderator) has been having a talk about cores on the equilibrium cfw thread over on the custom firmware releases. What i thought is that using the Blaze ultimate core or the Skyfire redefined core , which are both the same, Binh refresh core IS A BAD IDEA. Since i think it works for blaze only and on other cfws it shows the black lines when booting and shutdowns down afterwards. Since you are trying to do Linspirat LTS REV v2? I suggest you use the Symbian Anna V7.9 Core < click to download from mediafire. JUST USE THE CORE FILE FROM THE DOWNLOAD NOT THE ROFS2 OR ROFS3 OR UDA. This is experimental. <ADMIN THIS DOWNLOAD IS PERMITTED>
  15. The Symbian ANNA V 7.9 CORE should work , try it...im not going to flash anymore since i have used skyfire redefined and though it is good it is laggy with everything. So i am using BLAZE ULTIMATE - BLAZE VANILLA IS NOT GOOD! I will either use blaze or symbian anna 7.9.. .....anyway important thing is: TRY SYMBIAN ANNA V7.9 CORE WITH SKYFIRE REDIFINED
  16. Hey navratn123, i get these black lines as well . i renamed correctly and i am using the skyfire redefined core which is the binh refresh core.... I THINK THE PROBLEM IS THAT CORE... WE SHOULD USE THE SYMBIAN ANNA V 7.9 core..try that
  17. gakhar use the latest version of UC Browser OR use any version of UC Browser. I dislike UC Browser since it loads up pages incorrectly, i use Opera Browser ( Full version, NOT Opera Mini). IT IS YOUR CHOICE.
  18. WOAH! Theres too much fuss about cores and everything else! LOOK PEOPLE if you want cores just find the appropriate core for your phone fron the SKYFIRE REDEFINED CUSTOM FIRMWARE on CUSTOM FIRMWARE RELEASES as NAVRATN123 said. IT SHOULD HOPEFULLY WORK. The creator of this custom firmware tintiinboss is gone so dont ask too much though still ask if you have other than FLASHING ISSUES!
  19. HELLO GUYS: IMPORTANT NEWS!: I would like to say some things: 1) Thanks for javthrjar (is that rigtht?) for answering question many peolpe have and bugs people face, so thanks on your behalf..as a rewards +1. 2) Thanks on behalf of everyone at Gizmolordā„¢ for staying and trying to be active (keep on being active). 3) Every Symbian forum is drying up (there is no more new posts now) so i think i will be the major contributor from now on to this forum especially so if anyone care to join me please do, every coming week end i will do a review on a specific cfw and then i will do a top 20 cfw of all time! THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH GIZMOLORD! (p.s. we are not leaving)
  20. This cfw has been alive for several years, please check http://www.symbianlatino.com and also tranlate page to english on symbian latino otherwise yuo can read portuguese/espanol?
  21. Interesting samiwahab, i have been in these forums for a while but this is quite nice, i would prefer a port if possible for the nokia 5800 v60... but also is this made by you? because there had been several metros- the Metro 8 cfw and another Metro... Is this based upon an existing cfw or you built it on your own?
  22. I have looked on that tutorial lots of times but can not find anything in there about porting so can you please show me?
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