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  1. Is Samsung launched a new os like android os for samsung chat on gt-3312???
  2. m using n97 mini cfw.i wanna set belle shell it default home screen. i hav all tools. m ready to edit firmware and flash it again. so what d process?? thank you
  3. Use "Font Zoomer" App.I m not sure,but may be it can help u..
  4. Check ur Firmware Product code under mobile back cover. And try to flash using that product code(dont downgrade).Use same version or new. If does not work then dont try to flash again. Use fbus and official nokia flashing tool.. otherwise ur IMEI will be gone. m already faced this problem
  5. Step 1) Download the complete package present below of this description. step 2)Install all the SIS files in the folder named DOsBOX DEPENDENCIES, and finally Install Dosbox.sisx. Tip:You may use Autoinstaller from THINKCHANGE to install all apps at once with absolutely NO DIFFICULTY. step 3)Copy the tc folder, Premapper.txt, Mapper.txt, Dosbox.conf to E:/data/ make sure u hav copied all the 4 things to E:/data/ i.e to memory card. Then open the dosbox.conf file using any text editor and scroll down till the end and remove the code thr and edit exactly as i hav given below. s60map E:/data/premapper.txt mount c E:\data\ c: c:\tc\install.exe . step 4)Now RUN Dosbox from ur Applications, it will directly Lead you to Turbo c++ installation. . step 5)Click on ENTER , Change Drive location as C -if ur using a Touch Screen phone like mine, use Virtual keyboard to type. . step 6)next it will ask the path where the Setup files are located, just type \TC . Step 7)just click the up button and Scroll and highlight the Start Installation, and Click on it. just wait till installation completes. . Step 8)After SUccessful installation use any text editor and open the dosbox.conf file, at the last line of this file u will find this text c:\tc\install.exe just edit it and change it to, c:\tc\bin\tc.exe Thats It!! If u like then hit thanks
  6. Thanks for your its not there.. if u know the link,then please give me...
  7. I tried change Model no. using SIS editor but its not working. :'( Is there any othere way that v'l support on N97 Mini?
  8. Thank u so much for ur response ... Can u give me the desk clock mode link? \m/
  9. 1.Can i use OFW music find path 101FFCD2.txt file in cfw? 2.Need Mode Belle HS Big Clock and RomPatcher + 3.1 3.my using cfw have I-SMS(not working).how to remove it and add conversation?
  10. How to open Moove Player on Nokia N97mini(rm-555)?? Install complete but application open time show"Device not supported"
  11. http://www.hirensbootcd.org/files/Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zip
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