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  1. That is such an awesome app! I so need it to wake up in the morning for work! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Sorry coudnt find the offtopic thread, so I thought to post here. I would go for a laptop since it's so affordable these days. You can check out the laptops here. Furthermore, tablets capabilities are pretty limited and they dont have a DVD drive etc. And it seems like you would need it for a substantial amount of heavy using which i doubt the tablet can withstand.
  3. Primal Fear - awesome twist. - a rather old movie but Edward Norton's played it really well. American History X - got to give it to Edward Norton for buffing up for this movie Resident Evil - the whole series 28 Days later 28 Weeks Later Land of the Dead Silence of the Lambs - Anthony Hopkins Fracture - Anthony Hopkins Dawn of the Dead The Godfather
  4. I suppose there is no such thing as a best tablet because we all hv different needs and expectations when it comes to something like this. So while the iPad is considered the best for some, it might not be the best gadget for others. So if you are looking to buying one, it is good to know what you want from it and shopping at online stores such as Lazada saves you the trouble of running from store to store comparing configurations.
  5. Lol! For me, other than confidence, it's her ability to drive a manual car that ups her sexy factor.
  6. My more recent fav song is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
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