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  1. Hi z4reg, sorry I'm not active on forum these days... However, I thought the topic is well covered in the thread... here's the procedure: STEP:1 : Install Nokia PC SUITE is you don't have it already and connect phone with data cable at-least once. Now go to mass storage mode and delete all files and folders named "Private", "Resources", "Sys", "System" etc (Better if you can format your memory card). Now make a backup of ur Contacts and Messages if you need to. STEP:2 : Download and install JAF from here http://www.mediafire.com/?yn1ywy5cunj STEP:3 : Download V60.0.003 PNHT Core FOR 113 MB (This is important). Please ask some1 with RM356 to reupload the core. STEP:4 : Okay, we now have all the files needed i) The ROFS2 with a name : RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V20 ii) The UDA with name : RM-356_60.0.003_000_001_U001.uda.fpsx iii) The core with name :RM-356_60.0.003_prd.core.c00 STEP:5 : Now rename the CORE exactly like this: RM-356_60.0.003_prd.core.c0r Okay cool Now copy all this files and put them all in a new folder in your Desktop (Or anywhere else you like) STEP:6: Now start the OGM JAF (Blue icon on your desktop/start menu) and click on go Alrighty, an error might come up, just ignore it by pressing OK. Now ""UNTICK"" EVERYTHING "without" -- "Manual Flash" , "Dead USB" and "Normal mode" (you can even untick Normal mode). STEP:7 : Now it's pretty easy! ----Click MCU button and select that RM-356_60.0.003_prd.core.c0r file in your desktop folder (MCU Button will glow green!) ----Click on PPM button and select RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V20 file (PPM button glows green) ----Click on APE Variant and select RM-356_60.0.003_000_001_U001.uda.fpsx (Ape button glows) ---- WE DONT NEED CNT BUTTON STEP:8 : Hmm we are ready to FLASH! So click on the Flash Button and a scary sound effect is played with a warning popup Click on Yes and in the log window on the bottom of the program, you'll see some lines are being logged. It will eventually display Searching for phone... Press Power Button now... And you do just that! Click on your phones power button once (not too long! just once gently...) Flashing begins.. Wait for it to end. When again a scary sound plays and it says Done!!! You're done finally! Remove the battery from your phone, reinsert and restart your phone! Take.Care ~tintinboss
  2. Hey guys, sorry I've been extremely busy with my works... Really missed you @Bali_Patel : Bro there's not much I can do with the 1320mAH battery . Jokes apart, I think you can follow tristar bro's suggestion. @kvarun : All the links are at the first post mate. Please make sure that you've deleted all the folders (private, resources,sys,system, data) from your memory card before flashing. If the problem persists, just tick factory reset while flashing. Note that, you have to re-flash without ticking it to get the 5 equalizers. Confirmation: There'z no such bug in rev2.1 Thanks. @all, I'm thinking on releasing a new theme What say?
  3. Thanks a lot Raunaq. Reeeally awesome work. Wonderful contribution to LinsPirat.. I'll attach the thread in the first post I think
  4. Do I have to say it's awesome!!! It's supercoOL fantabulous!!! \m/ +5!!! (If i don't forget to add +1 everyday )
  5. Autostart has been disabled intentionaly bro. You can use exemaster to autostart desired applications easily.
  6. Hi Shivam, welcome to GL. The problem is not with the ROFS2 size really You need to use the appropriate core for the C6 structured CFW (Blaze is OFW structured). Use this core http://www.mediafire.com/?n35o43296baw0o6 (Rename the ROFS2 and core accordingly) and use the uda and ROFS2 from the LinsPirat download. Still if you have confusion, check this article to see how to flash with 3 files method http://forum.gizmolord.com/index.php?topic=10.0 Thanks and happy flashing
  7. Quite rightly so... I think creating a great theme such as this, sometimes is more difficult and tedious than even creating a CFW (Not always..)! We should respect the creativity and original work... Everyone should... That's why it should be mentioned.
  8. It works bro. You have to install .Net Framework 2.0 in Wine.
  9. Yes there is... Install Wine 1.4 package and install JAF inside it! You're done! Have fun wth openminds
  10. Pretty close mate. It's the problem with symbian pips installer not being upgradable. So any preinstalled old pips library may cause the problem along with the patched installserver by vova.
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