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  1. No im not promoting that..its just that i want to share my review based on my experienced when it comes to reliability of a site can be ...
  2. Just how reliable is Lazada PH? It is probably as reliable as your best buddy. But kidding aside, it is an online shopping partner that you can really trust with your hard earned wad of cash. But how can we tell if a website can be trusted? What are the things that you need to look into? Nowadays, with the proliferation of e-Commerce websites in this golden age of the internet, it is going to be a tad bit difficult to trust an online shopping company at face value. If you want to be sure, you are going to want to do a little bit of research before you jump in. Fortunately it is not hard to do, all you need is a little bit of internet savvy and some spare time. That’s what I did before I started dealing with Lazada to find out if they are indeed a reliable company. What did I find out? Of course I found out that they are really a totally reliable company. Here are some of the snippets of information that I gathered about the company while browsing around the wonderful world of Google that cajoled me into trusting them with my money well you be the judge: Lazada Philippines is an online shopping company powered by an industry leading online venture builder outfit called Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet is a Berlin based internet company, Berlin of course is in Germany. The German passion for excellence and precision reflects on the company’s very impressive portfolio of online ventures that Rocket Internet has built over the years. Rocket-Internet has offices located in different countries in all five continents, employs around 15,000 people and has been in the business for more than 10 years. If a company is going to be called reliable, it has to have some pretty solid entity backing it and Lazada has it in Rocket-Internet. I also found out that they are PCI-DSS certified. PCI-DSS is a security standards council that ensures the safety of online shopping websites electronic payment processes. Launched in 2006 PCI-DSS is responsible for the development and management of PCI security standards. Having their logo on a website means that electronic payment transactions like credit card payments are secured and protected by the latest security technology available and that the website is less vulnerable to security attacks like fraud and identity theft. That logo can be found at the bottom part of the website perched right on top of the LBC logo. Lazada also got their physical address on the website which is a guarantee that if something comes up you will always have a physical location to go to and talk to someone on top off being able to talk to them on the live customer care hotline. These are just facts I gathered that convinced me that Lazada can be relied upon. However, the only way to really confirm if Lazada is just that and if they could deliver is by trying and making a purchase and that is what I did. I started off with a small amount of purchase like somewhere in the low hundreds just to test the waters, then incrementally increased the amount by 500 hundreds up to the third purchase. They didn’t fail to deliver on time with the merchandise always received in good condition and with no extra charges on my credit card that was not revealed during check out. So there it goes. I did my research, asked around and tried some purchases myself and everything points toward Lazada as the Philippines’ online shopping mall that all Filipino shoppers can trust.
  3. Hi.. i want to buy a new laptop that i can use for gaming..i already browsed some online sites that has a huge collection of computers like newegg.com, ebay.com and LazadaPH but until now i can't decide which of those laptop is a best choice to purchase.. Requirements price range 50k-70k good for gaming 15" i7 processor WLAN,bluetooth,Internet and Wi-Fi ready anyone can suggest me a good one?
  4. The PlayStation has better graphics, a Blu-ray player, and the PlayStation Network, but it lacked something the Nintendo Wii had; motion controls and a casual fan base.but since the Playstation also has an Playstation Move also known as Motion controller it provides great gaming experience for all the Playstation gamers.
  5. How to disable graphics card in graphics integrated motherboard...hope it can help
  6. no...i'll not buy this...i prefer to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab which is more practical for me...see here
  7. awesome....a very informative post....thanks for sharing this on us..
  8. victor729

    Gaming Mouse

    hi...for me Logitech G300 or the Razer Death is a good purchased...in fact i have had this Logitech G300 now for about a month and I have to say that I am very pleased with this purchase. I'm a gamer and I'm very picky on my equipment. I originally bought it because my expensive mouse broke and this mouse seemed like a good deal for how cheap it was and I wouldn't go back to any other mouse. I'll keep it simple and break down it for you.
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