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  1. for example in settings you want exclude the topbar in any applications,msg editor(in landscape don't see things that you write because there is the topbar) facebook and many other that you want it disappear
  2. And this is a problem?a hahaha I think that this is a little problem. Many people have a website and know as well done . really you don't have made any mod, got share it only bit time. You write many words but for share anything things have need only a little time. First problem don't have the phone a hahah why for a mod complete you have a need the phone? The mod is in PC! Second now the problem that you delete in your website external links? Ahahah aha but all this is simply false
  3. why?use 7zip and compress your rofs2 and other files after upload in mediafire
  4. Ah ah ah ah many words i read in this months of you.First release cfw january 2013 not true..Second release mod for custom firmware, i think that you not release never nothing, it is the true you have said only many words
  5. NO,Charan the question is simply and correct,i think that you don't understand.
  6. it's not work with porting c 6?I have install this app in cfw skyfire redefined but it don 't work:It is work with s60v5 device?
  7. seventy views an answer, I think the same chandranshu
  8. hello all, I just want to know if you can flash this port found on this site http://symbianmac.blogspot.it/2012/11/symbian-belle-for-nokia-c5-03-custom.html with Phoneix. This was flash with jaf box, I would ask nevar27 or other mods that they cook c5 03 if you can make it.Se you can make a tutorial? thanks
  9. Hello, I noticed that it lacks the data transfer between two phones
  10. I read in the upgrade that ram 50-55 mb after startup but it's not the true.I read with memcech it is 42-45mb.I think this cfw for the rest is very nice.Excuse me for my bad english!!
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