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  1. freethinkern

    With PickVideo, you easily search, access and play Youtube video clips.

    Extract Music from Images
    Automatically find music video clips using captured images from screens or photos.

    Easily locate a video clip, sort the search result by relevancy, date of publication, and total views; filter by resolution, duration and date of publication.

    Set tags for your video clips.Filter the video clips in your library using tags.

    Share your favorite music video clips with your friends using a simple url (Google Url Shortener) via WhatsApp, Email, Message, etc.

    Make backup/restore of your library of video clips in Dropbox.

    In compliance with the Youtube API terms of use, we do not provide cache or download of videos. Enjoy unlimited Youtube video clips.
    Link to Download:


  2. freethinkern

    Travel Chat - Meet new friends
    Welcome to Travel Chat
    Talk with people around the world in our open chat room or create your own group share your experience meet new awesome friends, ask question. Join us now!
    in travelchat - you will find many different types of people, the more people there are the more amazing story you will hear about.
    join us and share you own stories, chat with other people like you or read theirs.
    this app will be a place where people alike hangout.
    Get ready to roll your fingers as you are about to embark on an epic journey of fun and adventure with this free and amazing Travel App. Travel Chat - Make new friends is developed with a unique blend of tourism and making new friends to make your journey esteem and memorable. So, what you're waiting downloads your super fun and epic mobile app and let's rid the road to visit new places and make new friends.
    Travel Chat - meet new friends is the one stop solution for all online users and local travellers to meet and hangout. This amazing and free chatting app comes with bundle of features, allowing users to get registered for free, take a snap or add one from the gallery and start making new friends.
    This free and fun travel app also provide the users to chat with the locals in public groups or to sent invites for the private messaging. Either you're planning a trip to Asia, Africa or even Europe, we have got you all covered as you can now chat and talk with the locals and are greeted by your new friends even before landing at the airport.
    With this travelling app you can meet and make new buddies all over the world moreover, Travel Chat - meet new friends also provides you with the platform where you can share your experiences and can find a new buddy who shares the same interest as you in every corner of the world. So let's fasten your seat belts and let your fingers get rolling as you are about to fall in love with the best taste in the world.
    Now travelling alone is not a problem any more as you can find a professional tourist or a buddy to plan and have your trip together and make it memorable by visiting the best places and interesting venues with the local resident in any country or city. All you have to do is to create a free account and start chatting with other people within the app or you may also invite any person to the personal chat and always feel like home.
    Link to Download:



  3. freethinkern

    Ever Shooter
    most addictive and must have 3D shooter game now available for free
    The boy is having a bad dream and thinks that he is locked up somewhere in a room looks like a classroom but the room itself is a mess and in the other mode he thinks his house is being attacked by monsters.
    In this dream, he thinks that he is being attacked by an endless ghosts bats and slimes so you have to take over his dream kill on his behalf to allow him to survive the nightmare.
    To success in that, you will have to kill as many enemies as you can and get gold to upgrade fire rate, damage, and health, all must level up to win in combat and be the strong one in the battlefield.
    --do not allow them to touch you--
    There is a locked dream in the game you will need to get gold from killing enemies to take over the other nightmare and help the boy.
    This game includes all features needed in a must-have shooter game:
    -two modes (free mode and defense mode )
    -High-resolution texture.
    -Upgradable weapon fire rate.
    -U-upgradable player's health.
    -Upgradable weapon damage.
    -In-app purchases.
    -2 fantastic nightmares so far, more are coming.
    -4 different types of smart enemies they will follow you everywhere.
    -This game has iCloud support so do not worry about your progress and purchases they will be always saved and recovered automatically even if you changed or reset or restore your device.
    -iOS 11 compatible.
    -And more to discover by your self.
    Link to Download:


  4. freethinkern

    Lit: Five Nights in the Woods
    It's lit.... literally! You're stuck in the woods for five nights with hungry werewolves. The only thing keeping you alive are your campfires. Keep them lit in order to survive all five nights!

    How To Play
    ▶ The campfires slowly go out over time.
    ▶ Use your matches and other tools to keep the three campfires lit until time runs out.
    ▶ The werewolves will attack the flames, so listen for their approach.
    ▶ Each time a campfire goes out, the challenge increases.
    ▶ If all three campfires go out, you're dog food!

    ▶ The game is broken down into five nights.
    ▶ Each night is more difficult than the last.
    ▶ If you're skilled enough to survive all five nights, try Endless Night mode!
    ▶ In Endless Night mode, you must keep the campfires lit for as long as possible instead of a time limit.

    Share Feature
    ▶ Show off to your friends using the share feature.
    ▶ Post a screenshot of your victory using your favorite form of social media with a single push of a button.
    Link To Download:


  5. freethinkern

    IMEI Checker Pro
    Do you buy phones? Do you know their status before you buy them? 

    With the innovative IMEI checker App you can! 

    With a few simple clicks you can find out all you need to know about a phone and make an informed choice.

    What does this App tell you? 
    Below is a sample of the information provided by the IMEI checker

    Locked or unlocked
    IMEI Number 
    Serial number
    Warranty status
    Purchase date
    Who Sold by
    Initial Carrier
    iCloud status (If not reported stolen)

    Why should you bother to find out these credentials?

    Ensuring that the phone your buying is checked for the important credentials is essential. It saves you time and money.

    If you buy phones regularly then it can make the difference between success and failure in your phone reseller business.

    Whether a phone can be used on any carrier is probably the most important check you can do. If the phone is locked to one carrier then your chances of using / reselling that phone are limited as the same carrier needs to be used. This limits you, or your client if your a reseller, to only airtime plans with that specific carrier, which may not be the most cost effective.
    Link to Download:

  6. freethinkern

    The Great Wizard Gandalf

    Run, jump and have fun with the Great Wizard Gandalf one of the Greatest Wizard of All Times Help him to overcome challenges of skill, timing and puzzle, in a journey full of humor,using his magic.


    9 Levels that will entertain you in different scenarios and always more challenging. 

    2 Challenge modes.


    Collect all the magic coins on each level and use them to increase Gerald’s level and powers!


    Collect the PowerUps, discover and explore various hidden witch rooms.

    Link to Google play:


  7. freethinkern

    Emoji Switch - Puzzle Game

    Emoji Switch is one of the best and most challenging Emoji games available right now. Your goal in this new Emoji puzzle game is to turn every frown upside down. There are over 30 challenging levels that will keep you busy for hours.We also have new and challenging levels prepared so you will never be bored with Emoji Switch.


    The Emoji puzzle game works like this:

    ● tap on an Emoji to make it smile or to make it frown,

    ● tapping on an Emoji also changes each neighboring Emoji,

    ● e.g. tapping on an Emoji in the bottom left corner will change the Emoji that is tapped, the Emoji above it and the Emoji to the right of it


    Emoji Switch Puzzle Game Features:

    ● Unique inverting puzzle game mechanic

    ● Offline Play - no Wifi, no problem

    ● No Time Limit

    ● Completely free to play

    ● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master


    There are a lot of different Emoji games available but none like Emoji Switch ;)

    Link to Google play:


  8. freethinkern

    Emoji Switch - Puzzle Game

    Emoji Switch is one of the best and most challenging Emoji games available right now. Your goal in this new Emoji puzzle game is to turn every frown upside down. There are over 30 challenging levels that will keep you busy for hours.We also have new and challenging levels prepared so you will never be bored with Emoji Switch.


    The Emoji puzzle game works like this:

    ● tap on an Emoji to make it smile or to make it frown,

    ● tapping on an Emoji also changes each neighboring Emoji,

    ● e.g. tapping on an Emoji in the bottom left corner will change the Emoji that is tapped, the Emoji above it and the Emoji to the right of it


    Emoji Switch Puzzle Game Features:

    ● Unique inverting puzzle game mechanic

    ● Offline Play - no Wifi, no problem

    ● No Time Limit

    ● Completely free to play

    ● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master


    There are a lot of different Emoji games available but none like Emoji Switch ;)

    Link to Download:


  9. freethinkern

    Descriptions: Naughty Dating App is made to rank the top naughty dating apps for people finding the best dating apps online, especially the one wants naughty girls or boys! Compare and choose the right naughty dating app based on features, age, cost and locations here.

  10. freethinkern

    Chatspin - Random Video Chat

    Video chat and meet new people instantly with the very simple Chatspin app. 


    More than 1 Billion Connections 

    Since its launch in 2015, Chatspin has helped to make more than BILLION connections and is now according to Alexa the fastest growing random video chat app in the world.


    Talk to Strangers 

    Video chat with random people worldwide or nearby using your smartphone camera.


    Anonymous & Secure

    The absence of logins or profiles allow you to use Chatspin anonymously.


    Get More Features with Chatspin Plus: 

    Connect with people nearby or worldwide with location filters

    Chat with only girls or guys based on your preference

    HD quality video streaming cam-to-cam chat

    And many more cool features


    Link to Download:


  11. freethinkern

    Army Sniper War Game: Invisible Desert Killer

    Army Sniper War Game 2017-Invisible Desert Killer

    Get this free FPS modern sniper shooter game on your phone and feel the thrill of modern strike sniper assassin 2017 and army mountain sniper shooting.

    This commando shooting game has modern combat killing missions with army sniper commando force to clear the desert shooting missions. The real warfare and full of action stunt game is ready and this is your duty to take revenge from them and you as a trained armed force officer must take that responsibility and complete all the impossible missions of the free frontline army combat striker. Get behind the enemy lines in this free to play incredible FPS army elite sniper shooter game and take down the terrorists with your SWAT strike sniper skills. Use advantage the environment of battlefield give and get faster kills with your top fps shooting as an incredible elite sniper. 

    Being an expert Army Sniper shooter you have to defend yourselves to avoid being killed as your life is more important to survive to conclude the army mission successfully in this target shooting game where value of your each bullet is shoot to kill an enemy like a Top sniper. SWAT commando game has highly trained gorilla commandos in the modern desert shooting arena with highly explosive weapons. This is combat operation shooting game in the modern army war zone with army commando shooting adventure. You will rely on your IGI commando shooting skills to finish the work with access to an inventory of sniper rifles and different rifle guns in this battle of Glory.

    Army Sniper War: Invisible Desert Killer Game comes bearing some of the most advanced sniper rifles to play with. Earn cash rewards to unlock more dangerous weapons or play offline sniper kill the dummy missions. Clear all the thrilling and challenging missions of the Sniper Assassin invisible killer to become a hero of the army. Use the bullet proof jacket to protect you from the kill shots coming from enemy elite force commando.

    Download Army Sniper War Mission Impossible for best FPS experience of your life. The game has all the features that a warfare game player desire. It’s not a mission impossible you just have to AIM and Shoot at right time and can win against those fanatics while defending your territory and make this Army Mission a mission possible and successful.

    Link to Download:


  12. freethinkern

    Fennex – Augmented Hearing App
    Fennex™ is a hearing aid app that provides augmented hearing by turning your Apple headphones (EarPods or AirPods) into a personal hearing amplifier. Firstly, take a quick hearing test that indicates your hearing abilities. Secondly, use the hearing test results to personalize your hearing experience. Thirdly, select a listening scene (meeting, car, dining) or choose to amplify and adjust the sound in a custom mode. Fennex is compatible with wireless headphones like Apple AirPods. 

    Key Features:
    * Volume Boost: Amplify the sound around you 
    * Balance: Regulate the volume of the left and right speaker
    * Compression: Apply sound compression to amplify or limit sounds
    * Sound Presence: Keep or remove high/low-pitched sounds 
    * Equalizer: Adapt treble, mid and bass sounds to your hearing preferences
    * Conversation Focus: Select among 4 different microphones (iPhone bottom or front, earphones built-in, external – e.g. AirPods) 
    Link to Download:

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  13. freethinkern

    Pixel Crusade

    Please keep in mind that BrainDrainGames is self-managed with no team, so updates may take longer than usual, depending on what is being changed, added, etc. As of its early release, with the lack of financial support, Pixel Crusade will only be compatible for Windows OS, until that benchmark is made, I cannot make it available on another OS. With your guys' support, by purchasing Pixel Crusade, it will then be available for more people to enjoy, and possibly bring a team together! Thank you guys for being such a huge help! Stay updated! Purchasing the game will open players up to newly added content, as the demo version will only receive gameplay updates. Don't get left behind! ~BDG

    A 3rd person, open-world/action-adventure exploration. Sailing the seas, discovering new worlds and challenging the toughest Crusaders, taking leadership and earning mad respect! Becoming the biggest and baddest around won't be easy, but keep your eyes peeled, there may be more sinister forces behind the scenes, though Crusaders are upstanding & trustworthy warriors! ...Anyway, what are you waiting for? Crusaders await your challenge and awesome skills!

    Join the Crusade!

    Link to Download:


  14. freethinkern

    Great Wall of ChaCha: Jumping & Running

    Chacha, the hero from Juarez community, is going to El Paso, Texas to rescue his family from the Mexican drug cartel. He is furious, revengeful, and he shows no compassion for his enemy. It’s a long running journey and you are the only Chacha’s hope to help him get through the guards and obstacles in this free endless running game to save his beloved family.


    So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to jump and run, and find your way to the end of the wall without being hit by the corrupted police and the cartel?


    Great Wall of ChaCha comes with a clean and neat design, and the interface is so user-friendly and the gameplay is so easy to learn, that you’ll master moving Chacha on the wall after completing the tutorial. Once you get used to the gameplay, you need to be fully focused, and follow different strategies to be able to collect as many coins as possible, take as many guards as you can and beat your high score. Sometimes you just need to keep tilting your phone to skip the guards, and sometimes you need to use your boomerang to take them down and collect the coins on the current line.


    In this endless running game, you’ve got 3 challenges and missions ahead: Your first objective is keep running, and jumping and sliding as far as you can to increase your score and beat your own high score. Your second challenge is collecting as many coins as possible to be able to get amazing and powerful power-ups to help you get even higher scores. And the last but not the least, is having fun with family and friends in this free running game.


    So, if you like such jumping and running games, and looking for an addictive endless game to play in your spare times, you’ve come to the right place.


    Download Great Wall of ChaCha for free, and start sliding, tilting, jumping, running, throwing boomerangs and collecting coins, power-ups and extra lives. The wonderful graphics, cool sound effects smooth animations, easy to learn character’s control, and addictive gameplay are just a few reasons to keep playing this endless running game for hours without noticing the time.


    Mexico Wall Run: Jumping & Running Main Features at a Glance:


    >Clean and neat design with fresh and friendly interface

    > Easy to learn gameplay, yet hard to master

    > Wonderful environment with surrounding sounds and music

    > Addictive endless running game

    > Secret underground mission to find

    > Collect coins to unlock powerful power-ups

    > Use Boomerang, Power Gloves, and Zip Lines

    > Beat your own high score

    > Fun for all ages

    > Free to play

    Link to Download:


  15. freethinkern

    CASH and Coins For 8 Ball Pool joke 2

    here you are to the Cash and Coins For 8 Ball Pool joke 2 Where this app will help you to set of coins, cash, hacks.


    -Cash coins are the first primary currency, used from beginning of the game Until the ending of the Gates of 8 Ball Pool. Gold coins are used for the largest portion of the game, Compared to the other primary currencies


    -in 8 Ball Pool, coins are the secondary currency Which are accepted as a mode of exchange Throughout the game. They can be used for almost every item and times for the Primary Currencies Which can used.


    -Ball 2 hack without root app was never so easy. Install this Cash and Coins For 8 Ball Pool 2 That joke whos work and play with friends and Have prank funny time.


    -8 Ball Pool hack cash and coins is a joke tool created to add fun to the App.


    how deuces application work


    1 Download Cash and Coins For 8 Ball Pool joke 2 App

    2 Type your username

    3 Type the amount of coins and cash you want (100,10000,100000, unlimited ...)

    4 Click on Get Unlimited Coins for 8 Ball Pool joke

    5 Wait for few minutes

    6 And you are Done


    8 Ball Pool offers free content and is able to be played from any mobile android device, 8 Ball Pool is the largest multiplayer game of Its genre, netting Thousands of players daily.


    Generate massive amount of Coins and Credits using 8 Ball Pool Hack, the tool particularly useful for the mobile game That will give you what you want Acquiring a huge amount of coins and credits will definitely make you enjoy the game.


    8 ball pool coins hack is a tool created by a fan of the App.

    Link to Download:


  16. freethinkern

    Best e-Magic Card Trick PAID

    This amazing e-Magic Card Trick is nothing like anything you have ever seen before. 

    Secret Hearts uses an extraordinary math algorithm to mystify and determine which one of 52 playing cards you are thinking about at any moment and display it! FOOD for the Brain! Share it with your friends and thank you for your purchase and support allowing for more in the future. PAID Version NO ADS NO USAGE LIMITATION.


    Link to Download:


  17. freethinkern

    Best e-Magic Card Trick FREE

    This amazing e Magic Card Trick is nothing like anything you have ever seen before. 

    Secret Hearts uses an extraordinary math algorithm to mystify and determine which one of 52 playing cards you are thinking about at any moment and display it! FOOD for the Brain! Share it with your friends and thank you for your purchase and support allowing for more in the future.

    Link to Download:


  18. freethinkern

    Island Kingdom - Clans to Empires

    Starting from a poor farmer, you got to make all ways to raise your own land and lead your island to be a kingdom! Build your village to feet your people and grow up army to fight against devils!


    This is a town and village simulation game. You can customise your own towns and build up your troops!


    PLEASE NOTE! Island Kingdom is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money for very low price. You can also view some videos to receive free gifts.



    ● Build your village into an unbeatable kingdom 

    ● Raise your own army and explore the island

    ● Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan

    ● Fight against rival Devils to expand the land

    ● Build over 100 buildings to level up your kingdom !

    Link to Download:


  19. freethinkern

    Emojis in Space
    Battle Emojis Across the Galaxy in this Retro Arcade Space Shooter!


    Super villain Boss Kitty and his emoji minions have taken control of the galaxy! Clyde Panther, the coolest cat in space, is the only one who can save it! Battle through 12 challenging levels and fight Boss Kitty in the final showdown. Good luck, the galaxy is counting on you!

    Bringing arcade style gameplay and retro graphics into the modern age, Emojis in Space is a fast-paced and colorful shooter, set in the far reaches of an unknown galaxy. 
    With 12 uniquely challenging stages, Emojis in Space will put your concentration, reaction speed and precision to the test as you attempt to reach Boss Kitty’s lair. It won’t be an easy task! The levels are filled with waves of evil space emojis who are there to do only one thing – kill you! 
    Actually, two things – kill you and look cute doing it!
    As you battle through space, shooting through waves of emoji enemies, you’ll earn points, which are the main currency in Clyde Panther’s galaxy. You can spend them on some really cool stuff to help you defeat Boss Kitty. Score enough points and see your name immortalized in the Hall of Legends!

    -> Primary Laser Enhancements – BIGGER. HOTTER. MORE AWESOME. 
    -> Item Upgrades – Enable powerful items to blast foes in every direction.
    -> Extra Lives – Nobody likes to die. Bolster your defenses!

    The more you upgrade Clyde Panther, the easier you’ll be able to defeat the emojis, battle Boss Kitty and get the highest score in the galaxy!
    Suitable for every gamer imaginable, from the casual to the hardcore, Emojis in Space features stunning graphics, funky retro sounds and simple tilt and tap controls. The pick up and play nature of this game makes it the perfect way to kill time – and emojis!
    For the most skilled Space Warriors out there, we’ve added a new, harder challenge into each level. If you can battle through a level without being harmed, you’ll be awarded with a zodiac sign. Collect all 12 zodiac signs to unleash Clyde Panther’s ULTIMATE power. 
    We can’t tell you what it is, though ^__~

    ** Why Emojis in Space is the Coolest Space Shooter Ever **
    -> IT’S RETRO, MAN – Bold, high-quality graphics, funky sound effects and upbeat music will transport you to a time when games were just lots of fun, free of ads, and just plain awesome. 

    -> INTUITIVE CONTROLS – Our tap and tilt controls make learning to play a breeze.

    -> COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY – From the moment you install Emojis in Space, you’ll be able to enjoy the game without any restrictions. No waiting for energy to recharge, no buying super lasers with real hard-earned cash and no internet needed. Play offline, any time!
    Link to ITunes:

  20. freethinkern

    Cheap Flights Worldwide

    With the application Cheap Flights Worldwide you can start planning your trip and flights in advance. 


    We implemented two air ticket search systems in the application. Simple is the compilation of a typical route from one city to another with the ability to designate the desired date of flight, the number and composition of passengers, and choose a class of comfort. 


    Unlike simple in complex search it is possible to plan a complex route with several transplants and destination points. This is very convenient if you need to organize several flights at once. In the application Cheap Flights Worldwide you will be provided with the most complete information on the availability of tickets. Unlike analogues, this service uses five global distribution reservation systems, thereby expanding the search and delivery of results. Thus, everyone can find a solution for themselves by their own pocket. 


    The third useful feature of the Cheap Flights Worldwide is the availability of a well-designed filter system. At your request can be issued quite a lot of results. In order not to get confused, you can immediately cut off the unsuitable.

    For example, using the price filter, you can leave only the cheapest tickets, if you are interested in finding the most budget option. Also you can make the restriction of the number of transplants, travel time.

    Link to Download:


  21. freethinkern


    100 billion connections later, Chatrandom has revolutionized the way people meet strangers online. Launched in 2011 and used by millions of people every month Chatrandom is a powerful tool to instantly meet new people for video chatting, flirting, dating or just to meet people you otherwise would have never met. 


    Chatrandom is easy to use and fun, get paired with a random person for video chat then just “swipe right” to connect with someone new. It’s that simple! 


    With thousands of users online right now, chatting and making new friends is now easier than ever

    Link to Download:


  22. freethinkern

    4 Pics 1 Word



    Can you guess the word and move onto the next level? Look at the four pictures and guess what they all have in common. Then Win!


    There are endless puzzles from easy to hard that are waiting for you to enjoy! New puzzles are added constantly for your non-stop entertainment.


    NO Registration, NO Complicated Rules. Just Start Playing and Have FUN!

    Link to Download:


  23. freethinkern

    Classic Tetris

    Move and rotate blocks as they fall and fit them together. Fill horizontal line and it will disappear. If you will not be successful the blocks will reach the top and the game will end. 

    As longer you will play harder will be, as blocks will go faster and faster.


    Swipe to move. Press to rotate. And have fun!

    Link to Download: