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    Date Finder

    Date Finder
    Find, chat and meet new people nearby you! Download “Date Finder”, an ultimate dating app to find hot people locating near you.
    It’s never easy to find a perfect dating match but thanks to “Date Finder”, you can easily find, chat and meet people nearby you. This dating app is pretty easy and simple to use. The app shows you a photo, user name, and distance between you and other people.
    How to use:
    Register yourself with your Facebook account or email, add your location and you are ready to find hot people around you.
    Key Features:
    • Universal app, install on any Android device
    • See who visited your profile
    • Built hot or not game
    • Integrated chat with images
    • Real-time messaging
    • Credits and VIP subscriptions available
    • Get push notifications from dashboard
    • Parse server support available
    Finding hot people near you was never that easy before “Date Finder”. It’s a must have app on your Android device if you are looking to find a perfect dating partner near your location. Download it app, have fun!
    Don’t forget to leave us a review and rating to let us know what you think about our dating app “Date Finder”. We at “Deadly Crown Games” always want to continue to deliver some of the best apps for your devices. Your feedback plays an important role in us being able to achieve that. Thanks!
    Link to Download:

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    WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

    WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)
    WRIO Keyboard for fast and error free typing helps you get rid of typos and write messages in lightning speed. WRIO is the only keyboard that is designed to provide an optimal typing experience on touch devices. It’s revolutionary yet easy to use, and after a couple of messages you’ll love it. With WRIO, you write it once.
    As featured in: Kickstarter, TechCrunch, The Independent, Android Guys, 20min, and many more
    WRIO revolutionizes the 140-year old typewriter keyboard, featuring the honeycomb layout specifically designed for your smartphone. Large keys with a shape that matches your fingers eliminate typos and increases typing speed. Dynamic layout also learns the way you type and optimizes the keyboard for your needs over time.
    Swipe up to capitalize a letter. Swipe left to delete one or multiple characters; if you deleted too much, swipe right to restore. To write diacritics (e.g. é) in your language long press on the corresponding character.
    With WRIO you’ll get our unique personalized and language-independent auto correction that will quickly learn your slang and lingo. That way you can concentrate on your message and let WRIO handle the rest.
    WRIO Keyboard is simple. The layout is based on the common QWERTY keyboard and the gestures are easy and intuitive, and you’ll get noticeably faster quickly. User tests show speed increases between 20-70%.
    Type in multiple languages at once without the need to switch. Choose up to five from 30+ languages and you’ll get access to the diacritics you really need.
    Sometimes words are not enough: with 1000+ colorful emoji you can express exactly how you feel in any app.
    Everybody’s taste is different. That’s why we have included themes in different colors for you to customize WRIO to your mood.
    Special: join our co-creator community for free and design your own theme!
    WRIO Keyboard respects your privacy. All data stays on your device and is never transmitted to the cloud.
    Link to Download:

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    Mobile Cash Rewards - Pro

    Mobile Cash Rewards - Pro
    Presenting MOBILE CASH REWARDS - PRO, One of the best mobile cash and mobile rewards app out there! 
    Mobile Cash Rewards is smartly crafted app that will not only offer you tons of MOBILE CASH AND REWARDS POINTS, it will keep you hooked for hours long! Yes, you read it righty right!
    This tiny little cash machine offers some of the MOST FUN & ADDICTING ways to make money online with your app and then use the earned money as per your soul's content! 
    SMALL SIZE, STYLIST ANIMATION and HD GRAPHICS - This app has got it all!
    MOBILE CASH REWARDS offers some of the best cash rewards and mobile points system. Few of the system we are using are:
    ⦁ Earn free recharge
    ⦁ Earn money and transfer to Amazon
    ⦁ Earn money Paypal
    ⦁ Earn money Payza 
    You can earn REAL MONEY using this app and increase your POCKET MONEY as well. Not only this app will help you earn money, it will help you to spend it too.
    The MOBILE CASH REWARDS is extremely easy to learn & use. Inside, you will get some of most FUN & ENTERTAINING ways to make mobile cash. Few steps are outlined below:
    ⦁ Signup
    ⦁ Daily Open app and Earn 25 Points
    ⦁ Watch videos when available
    ⦁ Install fun apps & games
    ⦁ Reach Minimum 1000 Points to Redeem
    You can EASILY REDEEM your cash rewards & mobile points using:
    ⦁ PayPal
    ⦁ Payza
    ⦁ Amazon
    Link to Download:

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    Zombie 3D Killer

    Zombie 3D Killer
    Download “Zombie 3D Killer”, enter zombieville and start killing zombies now. 
    The city needs a hero. The city needs you! So many people in the city have been affected by T-Virus, this horde of walking deadmen is trying to destroy the city. These Zombies are getting bigger and stronger every day! You have to kill them all. 
    City management has formed a zombie lady killer squad, and they need a squad leader. Give Zombie 3D Killer a try if you think this is you! Collect supplies and join forces with the survivors. It’s the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse.
    It's time to join the zombie shooting war! Get yourself ready to join zombie shooting squad and kill zombies now. Survive the waves of zombies and bosses in the war of zombieville, buy upgrades from the shop and try to stay alive as long as possible.
    How to play our zombie apocalypse game:
    It’s a simple yet challenging zombie assault game. The objective is to shoot and kill all zombies with your shooting gun in zombie apocalypse. 
    Collect all the coins to use them in the shop and reload your gun, 60 coins will be deducted on every reload.
    The zombie apocalypse has begun, the walking dead zombies are here and they're hungry for blood. Are you up for the challenge?
    Game-Play Features:
    ★ Universal app, works best on all Android devices including tabs
    ★ Fast paced zombie shooting game-play
    ★ Stunning 3D graphics and backgrounds
    ★ Simple one touch controls
    ★ Upgradeable weapons and a shop available
    ★ Movie quality music and sounds
    ★ Your chance to become a zombie death shooter
    They say “the best form of defense is attack”. So take your weapon and attack. Make a perfect shot and shoot hordes of zombies as they come from all sides. Shoot them in the brains to bring death in this zombie shooting game.
    It’s time to shoot in the war against t-virus affected walking deadmen, it’s the only way to survive in zombie assault. Download the New “Zombie 3D Killer” Now! And become the lady squad leader. It’s a must have game if you like games like zombieville, walking dead or other shooter games. Have fun!
    Link to Download:

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    Dodgem Balls
    Dodgem Balls
    An absolute addictive game where you need to Dodge the balls. Hold your finger on the screen to speed up the ball and release to slow down.
    Pick the gap every-time to avoid the clash and climb the score board.
    You want to continue without losing your score to help you climb the leaderboard faster? Go for it! There is an option for you to do that.
    Show everyone your skills and challenge them to beat you.
    What score can you get?
    Link to ITunes:

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    Better weight lifting timer
    Better weight lifting timer
    Keep track of your weight lifting counts and exercise according to your counts. The app "Weight Lifting tracker" keeps the track of your exercise and counts in your weight lifts. Just feed in the number of sets and the counts of each set to the app. The app will then count the reps for you and will notify you when the set of every weight lifting training is done. The app also keeps track of the rest time and notifies you to drink water accordingly. You can also customize the voice of famous personalities like Donald trump or Arnold Schwarzenegger to count for you. The app is best customized weight lifting tracker app.!
    "Weight Lifting tracker" is has a great user interface and simulates the gym environment around you with a personalized weight lifting training. The app tracks your every activity based on the gym reps, number of sets, lifting, lowering and rest duration for every exercise you feed in. This is the perfect app to keep the track of your lifting tempo and maintains your fitness. The app also keep you motivated with the lots of motivational and inspirational quotes to get going. Get the app immediately if you are really serious about your physical fitness and your weight lifting training.
    Download the app "Weight Lifting Tracker" and have your own self made gym atmosphere with a personalized voice of your choice. Have your own pocket weight lifting training tracker with "Weight Lifting Tracker" app. Set your target and achieve your goal through the app by staying motivated all the time.!
    We are constantly working hard on making the “Weight Lifting tracker” app better and more useful for you to track your weight lifting and fitness. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Weight Lifting tracker” app, do not forget to rate us on app store.
    Link to ITunes:

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    Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic

    Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic
    Among bubble shooter genre, it is the most amazing and addictive games. Get ready for a new adventure bubble shooter 2017 by downloading this latest free game.
    Scary evil monster kidnapped cute kittens. Be the hero to defeat the monsters. Rescue the kittens and bring them back safely to the mother cat.
    The kittens are in need you !!!
    Why you should choose Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic
    ★ 300+ unique and interesting levels
    ★ Super impressive graphic and cute games
    ★ Funny sounds and music
    ★ Special Booster, Combo, or Items will help you easily overcome the challenges and bubble pop
    ★ Discovering 4 addictive game modes 
    ★ Runs well on all Android devices
    ★ Simple classic games like ab pop and easy to play, but challenging to master!
    How to Play Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic
    ★ Drag or tap and hold the finger to move the aiming direction
    ★ Release the finger to bubble shooter
    ★ Match 3 balls of the same color or more to bubble pop
    ★ Create amazing combos & boosters: rainbow, lava, fairy, fire, super aim to overcome the challenge easier
    ★ Finish many challenging tasks to rescue the kittens: clear the top, save animal, free the ghost, defeat the mogana…Get it FREE now!
    Link to download:

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    One Wheel Marty !

    One Wheel Marty !
    One Wheel Marty! is a fast paced, 3D block puzzle game that requires only one thing from the player: to arrange the blocks so his character can stay on the platforms. Sorting blocks in different shapes fast requires great concentration and it is ultra-exciting, especially when the games get faster and more demanding. Can you help your character stay alive in this block 3D action puzzler?
    Don’t think that all you need is to tap and arrange blocks. Watch out, there are different types of blocks that can also do damage. Avoid the blocks with spikes, broken blocks and the bomb blocks, they will destroy your character. This adds additional exciting dimension to One Wheel Marty !
    As the different kind of blocks may harm you, there are power-ups that will be of large help in your quest for the highest score. Your character can be slowed down, stopped so you can plan his moves and setup many blocks and the blocks can be set automatically. Utilize these 3 power-ups when the going gets tough.
    The characters moves faster and faster as you progress. It will become extremely challenging as you play, so be prepared. Plan and strategize your moves, but be focused because some blocks may harm you!
    One Wheel Marty features:
    • 10 Unique Characters
    • Arranging blocks gameplay
    • Upbeat soundtrack and effects
    • Top notch 3d block graphics
    • 3 different blocks 
    • 3 different power-ups
    • Progressive increase in speed
    Feel the real excitement in a great blocks platformer.
    Arrange the blocks and enjoy. Top the leaderboard with a high score!
    Get it FREE now!
    Link to download:

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    Iron The Jumper

    Iron The Jumper
    Do you like taking on the hardest games ever to constantly push your skills to the edge? If your answer is yes, then Iron the Jumper is just the perfect game for you right now!
    Get the coolest and greatest jumping game on your android smartphone for FREE now. Iron the Jumper is the latest and coolest brain challenging game on the play store. The main objective of this addictive arcade game is to jump highly and push the green buttons. Keep in mind that you will have to avoid pushing the red buttons. If you push any red button, a platform with spikes will falls over you and you will loose. The game will get harder as your progress on it, but you need to show your reflexion and speed skills to score the highest possible score in this endless game.
    Iron the Jumper is an awesome endless game, one that relies on your speed and reflex to get higher score. Train your hand and eye coordination with this free game and have fun playing this game for hours, you will not feel bored even if you play it for many hours. When you are waiting in line, when you are on a break, or when you are riding a bus or train, play this fun and addictive arcade game to avoid getting bored with nothing to do. Your reflex needs training too!
    Why you need to download and install Iron the Jumper on your android smartphone instead of other jumping games’?
    ✓ We made some Cool, awesome and smooth high quality graphics to give you the best experience while playing the greatest jumping game ever! You will enjoy it!
    ✓ We developed a very easy gameplay! All what you have to do is to tap screen to make a jump. Your kids can also play our kids game because they will find it very easy to control.
    ✓ Iron the Jumper is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription fees.
    ✓ Our game is endless. Yes, Endless! You will enjoy playing it without limits. The only one that can stop you is you.
    ✓ You can unlock many other characters with the collected coins.
    Link to download:

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    Masha and bear Delicious Boom

    Masha and bear Delicious Boom
    This fruit & delicious match 3 game is based on the Masha . Let’s play a cool free game with Masha Not only for kids! Mums & Dads are welcome, too!
    Masha has decided to make some jam! Let’s help Masha in this new match 3 puzzle games! Better hold on tight! This game is based on the Jam Day episode, so you can be sure that Masha will do everything her way, but you’ll have a lot of fun! In this juicy and fruity match three game for girls and boys called Jam Day, you’ll hear the original voices of the characters from the Masha cartoon series and recognize your favorite landscapes from Masha’s tale.
    Masha is speaking English! Masha’s cheerful comments make match 3 games much more funny.
    Collect fruits, catch butterflies, crush cookies:
    • 135 fruit and candy levels (more levels coming soon!) 
    • Get Masha’s special treats 
    • Competitions "Who's faster?"
    • The Goat and Rosie will help you to remove the whole row and the Rabbit will take away any fruit or candy
    • The Magic wand and the Magic brush will remove the fruits or candies you don’t need 
    • Delicious bonuses: the multi-fruit, pancakes and the X fruit which helps you to complete the level faster
    • Juicy effects and sweet bonuses 
    • Move and combine delicious fruits to make a special sweet 
    Download the new match 3 game with Masha characters to improve your fruit 
    Link to Download:

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    Dual Laser Light Saber
    Dual Laser Light Saber
    Double laser beams in your cosmic light saber with matching light sword sound and simulation. Your led camera light turns on when you start your light sword by clicking the buttons or shaking your phone. In the settings, you can assemble two lasers, light sabers, buttons, stars and background color at your convenience, as well as change other functions. If you shake your device, then your dual laser saber and led flashlight will turn on with star fighter sound effects. Activate your dual laser saber against the dark power in the cosmos.
    Link to Download:
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    Defend the force shield from endless waves of enemies! In this fast paced endless runner, you have to tap and drag the circle to orbit around the shield, and fight off any incoming enemy. Be careful also not to destroy the indestructibles! Score as high as you can, and share that with your friends!
    Perfect for players that are into arcade, casual, and action endless runners, this addicting sci fi, action packed, space combat mobile game will bring you endless hours of fun, excitement and joy!
    Link to Download:

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    Handsfree Player for YouTube

    Handsfree Player for YouTube
    With its smart voice search engine, Handsfree Player for YouTube gives you instant hands free access to all of YouTube.
    Just say “hey listen” followed by your search term and the app will instantly play the most relevant result. You can listen to music or watch a video when your hands are busy doing other things. The possibilities are limitless!
    Listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audio books on YouTube hands free while you are on the road, doing yoga, walking the dog, you name it. The app will even autoplay one track after another without you having to lift a finger or say another word. It’s your hands free music player!
    Watch your favorite TV shows, vloggers and YouTube channels hands free, you can even let the autoplay take you on a binge! If it’s on YouTube, you can watch it hands free!
    Just tap the mic, talk to the app and it will find and autoplay the music track or video from YouTube for you.
    Simply say “hey listen” and the search term, like “hey listen Taylor Swift” or maybe “hey listen The Simpsons Season 5 Episode 1” and the best match video will autoplay instantly.
    Create your own Favorites playlist of music, podcasts or videos and enjoy instant access anytime.
    Not sure what to search for? There’s always YouTube’s latest trending videos which are usually good for a laugh.
    Other cool features:
    ★ Advanced phrase detection
    ★ Neat, refreshingly clean user interface
    ★ Text search option
    ★ Available in 17 languages
    Link to Download:

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    Hot Police Chase

    Hot Police Chase
    Try to escape as a thief or catch the thief as a cop through the town. Enjoy Hot Police Chase with the Multiplayer game mode, get all cars of the Garage, more than 40. Hot Police Chase is the best game of police cars in a open world.
    - Game modes: You can be a cop or thief
    - Multiplayer: play with your friends or automatch
    - Garage: more than 40 cars with 14 police car
    - Gameplay: new physics and improved artificial intelligence
    - Open world
    - Detailed city, cool graphics, shadows, fog, damage
    - High textures
    - Amazing chases
    - Free mode
    - The police cars patrol the city
    - Complete HUD
    - Map, radar
    - Rear view mirror
    - 5 leaderboard
    - 1000 points over 17 achievements
    Link to Download:

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    Quaky Quck - the Rubberduck

    Quaky Quck - the Rubberduck
    A storm rose over Quakies pool and all the baby Quakies were gone after the storm settled. 
    Help Quaky to find them in different rivers by using a magnet or bellows to steer the rubber duck to its lost babies. Be carefull not to touch any of the obstacles in the rivers like cans and spikey snags as the rubber is very sensitive. Your goal is to rescue the baby and move to the finish line. On the way collect as many starfish as you can.
    And beware from strong currents...
    Link to Download:

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    The Stack

    The Stack
    The Stack is a brain challenging blocks game on play store. The main objective of this game is to stack the blocks as high as you can to build the tallest tower ever. Tap at the right time to get the perfect match on the stack. Stay focused and concentrate! The blocks will slide across the screen continuously until you tap on the screen.
    Make new records and beat your own score to create a new record. Target at achieving the highest points by making the huge stack of blocks. You need to show great nerves, timely tapping and be precise in order to achieve a high score. Here is your chance to prove your skills and responsiveness.
    The Stack is a simple tap puzzle block game with great user interface. The game will get harder as your progress on it, but you need to show your focus and speed skills to build the tallest tower ever! Train your hand and eye coordination with this free game and have fun playing for hours. When you are waiting in line, when you are on a break or when you are traveling, play this fun and addictive game to avoid getting bored.
    The Stack comes with an innovative game-play and a very different style from the classic block stacking games. The environment of playing is amazing and the sound effects are awesome which will make you love this game.
    Features of The Stack block stacking game
    ★ The Stack is a colored blocks game available on almost any Android device: smart-phone, tablet, smart-watch or TV
    ★ Fantastic 3D graphics and unique sound effects. We took design seriously as we want our players to love this blocky game. We made some cool, awesome and smooth high quality graphics to give you the best experience while playing the greatest 3D block puzzle game ever!
    ★ You are competing with many players for a top position in the leader board, so try to get the highest score possible and prove yourself capable of completing the challenging achievements of the game.
    ★ Use one touch control to stack the blocks accurately. Perfect for time killing, brain training, brain challenging.
    ★ A fun and addictive endless tower stacker game for every age. Kids also can play and enjoy this free kids game. They will love it. It can be played by adults and teens. Your whole family will fall in love with it! You can enjoy playing as much as you want, because the only one that can stop you from playing is you.
    ★ Want to play our game anytime and anywhere? It’s possible! Because we support the off-line mode and you can enjoy playing even if you don’t have an Internet connection. So, if you are in a place when there is no 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network, you can still enjoy playing our stack app.
    ★ It is free and it will stay free for life, so there is no hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription fees.
    Link to Download:

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    love spells and kabbalah yosef

    love spells and kabbalah yosef
    Hello friends i am yosef chai
    If your mind is hurting or about to shatter you have approach to the exact place for a potent witchcraft remedy. I can assist anyone who desires exact love, whose lover is the most significant craze in the whole world to them.
    Years ago when you would like to get to a fortune teller or someone casts spells spiritual plane would have to fly or travel very far
    Today in the Internet age everything is so accessible and easy why not take advantage of it?
    Allow me to introduce myself
    My Name: Yosef Chai
    Time My experience: over 18 years
    My expertise: the return of love, demons, evil eye, spells, bring back ex
    Indeed I treat all over the world
    What type of population I am dealing with
    all !!!
    Yosef Hay is a specialist in kabbalah, who works solely with white magic. He uses his connection with higher level spirits to deciphen exactly what needs to be done and works closely with them. Using white magic with kabbalah spells that means no harm or destruction and is a safe way of practicing magic which draws positive energies.
    Every letter or combination of letters has a certain influence on a person, an object, a body organ and on the world. In combining parchment and the Kabbalistic Hebrew letters, yosef creates a powerful tool to help you achieve the things you need most in this present stage of our life.
    He works on everything that seems to be blocking a person. If you want to attract someone or if that love of yours walked away without hesitancy yosef will be able to pull both of you back into the same circle and close it as one. Is someone trying to break your relationship yosef works quietly and directly with spirits and goes right into that person and brings them back and breaks the worst spells possible since white magic kabbalah is so powerful the highest purest form of work with spirits, never having to worry it will turn back on you cause all of yosef's work is for good and never to harm anyone involved even those who had cast a spell on you.
    Link to Download:

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    Match My Balls

    Match My Balls
    Put away the candy, jewels and berries. Over 70 challenging levels featuring drones, hoisting the trophy, power ups, obstacles, Sports Shop, and athletic themed music by Nova Sound. Make your way from the soccer field to the basketball court, tennis court, bowling alley, volleyball court, football field, and finally Match My Balls Stadium!
    Level types: Target Score, Ice Block Crush, Locker Crush, Trophy Hoist, Color Collection, Sports Hair Gel, Limited Moves, Limited Time. Power ups: Drone – a smart bomb that searches for the best ball and destroys it, CrossBomb, SimpleBomb – with funny faces on each ball, ColorBomb, LightningBomb. Obstacles and other mechanics: Metal Locker, Rowdy Fans, Net, Teleport, Wall.
    In-App Purchases: Sports Shop to purchase in-game Points for goods.
    Daily rewards: Mini-game Wheel of Fortune allows you to win a random prize once a day.
    See developer website link for more details and video gameplay.
    Link to Download:

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    Match My Balls
    Match My Balls
    Put away the candy, jewels and berries. Over 70 challenging levels featuring drones, hoisting the trophy, power ups, obstacles, Sports Shop, and athletic themed music by Nova Sound. Make your way from the soccer field to the basketball court, tennis court, bowling alley, volleyball court, football field, and finally Match My Balls Stadium!
    Level types: Target Score, Ice Block Crush, Locker Crush, Trophy Hoist, Color Collection, Sports Hair Gel, Limited Moves, Limited Time. Power ups: Drone – a smart bomb that searches for the best ball and destroys it, CrossBomb, SimpleBomb – with funny faces on each ball, ColorBomb, LightningBomb. Obstacles and other mechanics: Metal Locker, Rowdy Fans, Net, Teleport, Wall.
    Daily rewards: Mini-game Wheel of Fortune allows you to win a random prize once a day.
    In-App Purchases: Sports Shop to purchase in-game Points for goods.
    Link to ITunes:

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    MyPostcard - Postcard App
    MyPostcard - Postcard App
    Make and send real printed photo postcards and greeting cards with the MyPostcard app - worldwide. From any place to anywhere.
    MyPostcard is the simple way to create and send personalized, printed real photo postcards and greeting cards directly from your smartphone or tablet. Easily design your own, individual real paper cards with your smartphone photos and a personal greeting text. We print, stamp and mail all of your cards for you. 
    No matter where you are in the world right now, or where your postcard and greeting card is to be sent – we’ll send your postcards and greeting cards for you anywhere in the world.
    Our card app doesn't just make postcards and greeting cards. You can also create a wide range of greeting cards for any occasion. We offer you the worldwide widest range of selected templates and beautiful designs. No matter whether it’s for vacation, a birthday, or for thank you cards; for a weddingcard, Valentine’s Day postcard and greeting card or Christmas cards: We really have the right template and design for your ideas to send.
    In addition, you also have the opportunity to use MyPostcard to order your favorite photos as high-quality real photo prints. 
    With a total of more than 1 million downloads worldwide and over 4,000 5-star ratings, we’re one of the most successful postcard and greeting card apps worldwide.
    = How it works =
    Send real printed paper Postcards
    (starting at $2,29, incl. FREE worldwide shipping)
    - Select your postcard style
    - Upload photo(s) from camera, photo album, or Instagram
    - Select & individualize the frame
    - Enter your greeting text & recipient
    - Pay & send worldwide
    Link to ITunes:

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    Xcalator is an interactive game that will demand your full focus and attention! While the philosophy of the game is simple by design, Xcalator will challenge your ability to bounce the ball at the precise location at the precise moment. There are many twists, turns and hidden surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
    Do you think you have what it takes to be an Xcalator? If so, let’s see what you can do... 
    Compare your score with your friends.
    Let’s see how high you can BOUNCE!
    Enjoy this game and know that new features will be continuously added.
    Link to Download:

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    Tap to jump backwards onto the pillars. Time the jump correctly and get the highest score.
    its very good game, download it now
    Link to ITunes:

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    Wall Bricks
    Wall Bricks
    Wall Bricks Original Arcade Game
    Wall Bricks is our new super-addictive and challenging action arcade game with funny and competitive levels to play. 
    Flip or climb from wall to wall with your magic bacl ball and try to avoid the obstacles. Clooect as many blue and red diamonds and gems for super power-ups to lead the High score. Unlock many new characters. Challenge yourself in about 50 crazy leves with different game modes. Fun and addictive action arcade game 
    How far can you go ? Are you the Tap Master ? 
    Wall Bricks is the best jump & climb action arcade game. Competitive and crazy. 
    Bounce between the walls and catch the high score. Free download and play
    ◉ Challenge your reflex skills
    ◉ Game for Children
    ◉ Intuitive Arcade Gameplay
    ◉ Many Insane Levels
    ◉ Explosive Power-Ups
    ◉ Different Game Modes
    ◉ Endless Arcade Action
    ◉ Many Characters To Unlock
    ◉ Nice Game Design
    ◉ Game 2017
    Link to ITunes:

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    Building always was fun, so why don't you give it a try and start to build your own tower?
    Build your tower now! Download Build and test your skills.
    Build is the perfect arcade game which lets you build with blocks as high as you just can.
    Stack blocks as high as you can, but be careful: They have to match with the next higher one otherwise you will loose a piece of your blocks. If you continue loosing blocks and your blocks are getting too small, you'll loose!
    Choose from ~25 different skins to customize your blocks!
    Stack blocks to beat your friends - or your own - highscore!
    Download Build now for free exclusive on Google Play and start building today!
    Support the Build! developer to make more great games with purchasing skins or your blocks in Build!
    Link to Download:

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    Elevator Jungle - Lite
    Elevator Jungle - Lite
    A new amazing game from the one-of-a-kind developer Loris Wilwert!
    A quite ordinary day: Monday. A quite ordinary man: Jack. A quite ordinary job: Manager in a jelly factory. However, Jack is totally fed up, because he's ripped off by his boss day in and day out. Actually, Jack only has one wish: to once tell his boss off.
    Therefore he sets out for the 48th floor. But in doing so, he quickly realizes that this won't be as easy as he thought it would be, and that he has to make big efforts in order to give his boss a mouthful.
    Help Jack to pick his way through the elevator jungle, to overcome all obstacles and give him the chance to finally give his boss a piece of his mind.
    Try to stay alive, get thrilled and lose yourself in "Elevator Jungle". There's so much to explore and to see.
    Game features: • Tilt controls that are easy to use, just tilt the device to move left or right. • Touch and hold the screen to shoot. • Use over 10 awesome powerups to blaze your trail and reach the exit. • Lots of obstacles and monsters. • Stunning graphics. • 12 levels to play (48 in the full version). • Try your luck by opening chests with collected gems.
    This is the free version of "Elevator Jungle" supported by advertising. You can buy the full version for only 0,99€ and get some exciting game features in addition.
    This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.
    Link to ITunes :

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